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Monday, May 31, 2004

Metal Experts?

Took a little time today and watched an episode of VH1's Most Metal Moments.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Covered a full spectrum of bands from Megadeth to Alice in Chains.

Among the people interviewed for the show, were no less than three, metal experts. How does one establish themselves as an expert in all things head banging? Does one have a website? Or is one a journalist? Maybe one of these guys has a huge record collection.

I've paid enough for concert tickets to finance a house. VH-1, I am available for commentary. I*t...if being an expert means listening to hard music and studying muscians antics then I am up for the job.

By the way, Ozzfest is looking for raw talent.

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Some Things

You have something I don't.

I'll make you give it to me.

Then I'll hide your body.

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From the night I wake, rising to find my slumber all but left in bed. I am waiting, watching, breathing for you my love. I know you are here. I know you hear my words. Even if the cold dead hands tell otherwise. Hold me. I'll keep you warm. Kiss me again. Trust me. It's better this way.

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Man on the Cross

I never met the Man on the cross.

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Noose

Tonight is cold.
Colder than it has ever been.
My love can't warm your corpse.
My truth can't tell a lie.
I didn't make the noose.
But you made me cut it down.

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

More Music News

Little known KISS fact, Gene didn't play on the recordings of Revenge or Carnival of Souls. Link also contains info on Paul's solo album.

Megadeth's new album will be out Sept. 14th. And the reissues are due out this summer. Check out the link regarding free downloads as well.

Seether's Disclaimer 2 will be out June 15th. Includes new material and that awesome Amy Lynn collaboration.

And finally, Metal Church is back with a new album and new blood.

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More Crazy G-mail

It looks as though posting about g-mail has given my blog a little attention. I'm willing to give all of you the secret of getting your very own nifty new g-mail account. Or at least, almost everyone.

But you won't be the first on the block. No, that wasn't me either.

However I do hear that having g-mail makes you even more extra special. And, yes it will make you more popular. The truth is even Jesus emails to my g-mail account. Look Mom, no more dandruff. It's even better than the Sylvan Learning Advantage with less carbs than other email programs.

Now, all's we need to do is work out the payment arrangements...:)

First born sons are not being accepted. I have enough of my own, thank you....:)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Presidential Match

Now that I've depressed you all, something a little more fun.

Try the Presidential Match to see which American candidate is most like you.

Needs more candidates and less vague questions. One question in particular lumped the economy and the environment together in matter of importance to you as a voter. Those are very separate issues. However, it's still good link.

The suprise of the game for me....Kerry is most closely aligned to my politcal views. Hmm...maybe I better play again...:)

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Lakini's Juice

More wine
Cuz I got to have it
More skin
Cuz I got to eat it.
Inside the outside
By the river
Used to be so calm
Used to be so sane
I rushed the lady's room
Took the water from the toilet
Washed her feet and blessed her name
More peace
Is such a dirty habit. --Live

Today that part of Lakini's Juice is playing over and over in my head and I am feeling unclean. Filthy. Wash me. No matter who we are, we are all dirty. We have all broken hearts and waged wars. We have all betrayed the trust and the love of our own namesakes. Today, I say, keep your God and your pretty life to yourself. Who needs a hell when we have each other? On the otherside, nothing could be worse than this.

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Spawn Animated Series to Return

Spawn animated series to return.

It's about damn time.

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Toy Story

Another rumour about a post Episode III Star Wars TV series.

I was just remembering a much simpler time when I was but a child playing with my Master of the Universe toys dreaming of being a writer for the little comic books that came inside each figure.

Mattel has cancelled their American line of He-Man toys however they will still be produced internationally and available on line through

If I could write any comic, even more than a Vertigo, I must admit it would be a MOTU comic. I rember the slogan from the original comic series twenty plus years ago..."Where Science meets Magic". This property has many of the same successful elements as Star Wars yet it has it's own uniqueness as well.

Both Skeletor and Evil Lynn have to be two of he greatest villians ever.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Talking Shop

"Uneasy feeling, burning on my mind. I hope the end is less painful then my life."--Megadeth

As you know, I sell air freight and out-of-network solutions for the largest union truck company in the world. Though this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life, I am blessed in the fact that I do like my job. And have a passion for it. It is a challenging and interesting segment of the transporation market place.

What my department does for the company is really a side line business for the company as a whole. It's an alternate but profitable revenue stream. A necessary beast in this day and age of one stop traffic product offerings but still a side line business. Our departmental revenue goal is fourty million dollars this year. For the company as a whole that's not even half a percent of total revenue. Almost incomprehensible to me.

I was working on a shipment Friday that we could not do on our own 'express' truck. So, I got with the airline forwarder and for 2nd a.m. service on 13,500 lbs they charged be about $7,000 dollars. I am in the process of selling the shipment to the customer for about $9,000. That's quite a margin there! And the customer told us, we were by far the most inexpensive provider he had called.

The company's core service of nonguaranteed less-than-truck-load freight is a dinosaur of a product. We operate on an o/r of about 101 on it which means we lose a penny on the dollar on most shipments. But to compete with FED EX and UPS, we must. If the company can not pull profitability out of this sector, I see eventually either the union will die or the company. You can't lose and bleed money forever. The company's future relies on products such as mine and diversification to nonunion buisnesses.

Expect more shop talk posts from me in the future, and yes I am interested in what you do for a living. Feel free to talk about it all that you want.

Tonight, the world is full of possiblities even though I'm talking shop.

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An American Draft?

Make it a million and one websites.

Is our government planning another draft?

God, save us all.

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What It Is

"E we elect them. E we eject them. In the land of the free and the home of the brave." --Megadeth

"Stand and fight. Live by your heart. Always one more trial. I'm not afraid to die." --Manowar

"Electric Sheep are dreaming of your face." --Incubus

Music and kids. Rights and censorship. It's something that keeps appearing again and again. A local woman wants to have a Slayer/Slipknot show cancelled. She makes a point, the lyrics can be harmful to children. However, I have a better solution. It's called: don't let your kids go. Or change the channel if it's Howard Stern. Or turn off the TV if it's Janet Jackson's fine naked boob on the tube. Life is about choices. Make the right choice but don't force your "right" on others. Remember, even if you are "right" (there goes that word again), censorship leads us down the wrong path. This was the path of the Taliban, the Soviet Union, Saddam Hussein, or even Hitler. Our current American administration would do well to remember that. Stop the FCC and the other government blowhards now.

I guess in today's world I am old fashioned. I was raised that television, CD's, radios, and the like are not necessities. They shouldn't rule our lives. If it offends you, turn it off and leave it off. Some will always want to be the "morals" police for the rest of us.

Seether and Evanescence will be touring together. Sounds like the bill of the year, unfortunately for now they aren't coming here to the Akron/Cleveland area. What I'd give to hear that melodic version of Broken with Amy and Seether together.

Marty tried to make Megadeth over as an alternative act? Risk and Cryptic Writings were both nonstandard fair from the kings of the shred. I personally believe all bands must take new journeys and new directions to remain viable and pertinent however moving too far and you lose the flock. Like I said before, I'm personally hoping the soon to be released album is much more like their oh-so-killer debut Killing is my Business.

Children of Bodom are talking about the rise in popularity of extreme music in the States. I didn't know it wasn't popular. Then again, I've always marched to my own drummer.

"1984" not just a story anymore. The future is now and I don't know if I like it.

Star Wars is the future I desire even if it was long, long, time ago. Beautiful queens and princesses and the art of Ralph Mcquarrie. Much of his concept art is available for purchase. The link is a depiction of Vader vs. a Tusken Raider. Awesome. Truly awesome. Drawn in a time, when Storm Troopers were envisioned to carry light sabers.

Busy weekend. Lacey's fourth birthday party was yesterday. It was a full day from cleaning, to taking the kids on a two mile hike, to watching Big Fish on DVD later in the night. The movie was fantastic and quite thought provoking. Reminded me of Neil Gaiman's work. Today, I went to my Dad's grave and had Aikido practice amongst other things.

Went on a 'Deth kick while I was cleaning both today and yesterday and was pleasantly suprised to hear my own voice. Perhaps I could front a band someday with voice lessons and much practice. Until then, I'll continue to dream and write about Straight Jacket Sister.

Not sure what else to say, so I'll call it an end.

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Net aficionados grovel to test Google's e-mail

Net aficionados grovel to test Google's e-mail.

Hey, I got an account! Now beg for an invite....:) Short article about what people are doing to get an invite for "g-mail".

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Thursday, May 20, 2004


"Human beings are scary because we are too stupid to live." --Warren Ellis

"By the time you read this, everything in it will be history. The future's a moving target." --Warren Ellis

"Revolution is my name." --Pantera

Downloaded Warren Ellis's "Revolution". Very neat indeed. Something else to get the head churning. Art meets instant technology with a snappy beat...:)

After hearing it, I can't help but wonder how that kind of thing is done. I'll find out. I've read elsewhere on the net about spoken word pieces using sampling in the same way rap music does. I want to do that. Can anyone tell me about mixing software and requirements, etc or lead me to a good source about it? I'm all ears and googling hasn't helped.

And since it's been a while, some poetry:

Strange Angels whisper
Take me away
Guide me on this life trip journey.
To see you again,
Is only to know
The cold of your world
The frost in your breath.
Reeking of lonliness
You were the one that said,
"I hate you."
It all serves to remind me--
I'm not lost
Only running.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Me So Hungry

"I do it for the love." --Smile Empty Soul

I'm starving again. Only ate two small meals today which probably wasn't the smartest idea I've ever had. But in light of that fact it's 1230 a.m., can't eat now. I have lost about 45 pounds now. So on average 9 a month since I started this diet. Tomorrow is a work out day again as well. And to think, I've only got about 50 pounds more to go and then I get to maintain it. Isn't life swell?

Since I can't chew on any food until the morning perhaps I can let you chew on this one about a recent interview with Secretary Powell. I feel for the man, his credibility is hurt.

I've seen this link all over the place. Eleven unidentified objects were filmed by Mexican Air Force pilots. At least three came up on radar which leaves out lightning and invites in even more speculation. What do you think they are?

As we live even more of the sci-fi future, Robots may protect our drinking water from both pollutants and terrorists. All hail the nanos!

Global warming may not be so bad? It's just that skin eating acid rain we need to look out for. Remember the precipitation that fell in Batman: Red Rain?

While the subliminal eating thing is slipping through this whole post, I'd like to say doesn't Halle look yummy in Cat Woman? Now, I'll go for seconds of that!

It's all about the bots. Just ask Microsoft and their new web search team. Can't wait to see what the future of search brings. However, if Google can ever find my shoes in the morning then I'll really be impressed.

Started using our new client software for recording caller information at work. I'm was built in-house, it works, and it only captures caller info and nothing else! What an improvement!

And with that thought, I'm outta here.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Back Again

"Out of breath and I'm out of time. Misery is what I find..." --Quiet Riot

Sorry, back again. I'll never figure it out. Ever. I save my drafts about every five minutes when using BLOGGER. It's a good think I do. In the middle my last post BLOGGER just closed it's window and exited me out of the site. This happens all too frequently. Or maybe it's something to do with my Internet provider. ERR...anyway, I lost several items from the last post. So, let me try it again.

Rumsfield's tenure may be at an end as singalled by Laura Bush? And Steve Jobs will be joining the Kerry crew as he seeks to build a clear and compelling political brand. Kerry needs it. Though I don't like Bush, I've not seen anything to make me want to vote for Kerry either. Nothing.

Can't wait to read Warren's Stealth Tribes. Smokable music? Downloading evolution? I read Orbiter last week which was quite impressive. My only complaint: not enough action. The timely idea of an America without a manned space program is almost scary.

On the personal front: Learning to write music reviews in a real and professional way. I've got some ideas that I'll let you know more about soon.

Today is my wife's birthday. Happy Birthday Kalisa. The kids and I love you and need you.

So many ideas and things to little time.

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More In a Minute

"If the war inside my head won't take a day off, I'll be dead.

While some may fall others are pushed."--Megadeth

There's a lot to get to today so let me not waste any time.

I'm enjoying reading about Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. Seems that Dave is embracing his Christianity and his metal. Good for him. Here's a new article on the progress of the next Megadeth album. Though I haven't heard of it yet, I'm anxiously waiting to see them on tour again no matter who is in the line up of the band.

I no longer subscribe to 'Christian' beliefs though I do believe in both the Father and Son. CNN posted an article today about the Pope's new book. The book recounts events related to the suppression of the Catholic Church by the communists. I'd love to read at least that part. To me, faith is just that. Believing in something so whole heartedly, it matters not what the cost.

Scott Marshall posted a great article about Hong Kong movies and filmaking. Check it out...and he's so much cooler than Roger Egbert.

Korn may be taking a new direction regarding album sales and the like. Here's hoping they lose the corporate suits and find their own fan supported destiny. Hard rock/metal and it's variants have and always will be "grass roots" music.

Ron McGoveney has something to say about the early days of Metallica. Good interview.

Wasn't it just yesterday we were talking about tribute albums? Sabbath has yet another one. Glad to hear however that Iced Earth will be making an appearance on it.

And in other Iced Earth news seems Richard Christy has left to pursue a career with Howard Stern. Best of luck, maybe he can plug the band...:) And the current tour is going well, one I've yet to see.

More in a minute.

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Monday, May 17, 2004

Spin The Bottle

"Will I dream of good times only left in our minds?" --Trouble

"I can't take all the pressure sober. I can't make it go away." --Seether

Better make this quick, I'm sore from a two hour work out this morning and I've got work beckoning. Sorry it's been a while, the computer was down. Seems a surge took out my mother board and processor.

There's another KISS tribute album out: Spin the Bottle. The young lady above graces the cover. I don't think you want to pi@@ her off. Looks like she's got the body of a wrestler. I like that. It appears KISS has done a much better job this time of getting acts more reminiscent of their style on the album. Here's a track listing and review.

Kiss My ASS the last big tribute CD was more or less an eclectic and terrible collection of artists paying homage to the masked ones. I did enjoy Garth Brooks cover of Hard Luck Woman but that was about it. I found out after buying the CD that Megadeth and Ozzy were both cut from the CD. How can you cut Ozzy Osbourne off your tribute CD yet include an insturmental of Black Diamond played by an orchestra?

VH1 will do a 100 Most Metal Moments. Who picks this garbage anyway? Judas Priest's Rob Halford coming out of the closet lands in the top ten. Um...let me ask many of your closest straight friends where stud leather? Who cares if he's gay, I just care that he rocks. And he does. While in Fight Rob did a song Small Deadly Space. Now that was metal as it should be.

Time to go, more rants soon.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

More Confessed News Junkie and other Blurbs

What if I were Romeo in black jeans?...Maybe she's just looking for someone to dance with. --Michael Penn

Great article on Iraq stability without democracy and other presidential debate items. Will Bob Kerry be the Democratic VP choice?

Kerry is also talking about tackling health care cost. Let's hope it's not all talk. He argues sites that here in Ohio, costs have grown $2,704 and policies now cost $9,300.

BLOGLINES works great. If you haven't tried it do so, and if you use the online notifier it's only 100K so it's not really eating system resources.

I like GOOGLE's G-mail beta. It works as promised, the add words aren't distracting and it has good online help.

Megadeth has a new track for downloading. Still wishing they'd hearken back to the glory days of Killing Is My Business. So many good songs back then when Dave Mustaine was just a tad more angry. My favorite has to be Looking Down The Cross.

The NEWSMAP is a visual representation of the GOOGLE news aggregator. More wow bang tech. Thanks Scott!

It's really slow at work as we transition to new transportation product offerings on June 1st. It appears temporarily our reps aren't selling much expedited because they aren't sure what to sell. Or don't want to sell something to a customer that will be different in a couple of weeks. Used the down time yesterday to finish The Pool of Fire.

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

More Stuff

Nobody's gonna stand in my way. Give it up son, I'm doing this my way. --Seether

And you're staring at me like I need to be saved. --Sound Garden

Did I get your attention?!? I sure got mine...:)

First things first. I miss X-files and if Gillian had looked like this in it, I'd miss it even more...:) Seriously, I do miss that show. Can't seem to find anything that compares these days.

Good article on Yahoo and the "search" wars. Read the blurb in the article about the woman's online buisness and how she makes a living with "add words".

Another interesting link about Coca-Cola and it's GPS tracking cans coming out this summer. No lie.

Artblog posted this link about Graphic Novels in a high school library. How long will it take for people to realize comics can be/are literature too? I would think Graphic Novels would inspire kids to read because they aren't the same old thing and require less commitment than regular books. What kid wouldn't like Kill Your Boyfriend or V for Vendetta.

Here's a cool site that will turn you BLOG into a book. <--Slapping his head like a V-8 commercial. Now why didn't I think of that? Actually, I have an idea that could go really well with this.

Today I bought Kalisa Second Hand Lions and some books. She said, I have great taste in women's books. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. As long as I don't have good taste in women's clothing...I guess I'm all right...:) Since it was mother's day, the kids and I cleaned house and then went to McDonald's and Tuscora Park so she could have some alone time. She used most of it to play D and D: Heroes which she's almost beat already. If only I could be that good. I'm still on the first quest, and I solved the demo I have of it several months ago that more or less contains the first quest.

After Aikido yesterday, Mike and I did go and see Kill Bill 2 which was really good. The scenes with Mai Pei made the whole movie and it's amazing how much Tarantino was able to convey the feel of a '70's Kung Fu movie...only with a good plot and no poor dubbing. "From there you will have an excellent view of my foot!" Ha ha ha ha! My only complaint was the second one needed more action/less talk. Bill's analysis of Superman was on the mark. Suddenly I find Uma Thurman attractive.

I'll be rewatching Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. The first time I loved Jackie but not Pulp. Now that I get Tarantino, I'll watch both. Need to track down Resevoir Dogs too while I'm at it which is his only film I haven't seen. Think I'll wait until both Kill Bill movies are out and watch them again at once.

When I was a kid, I may not of been tech savy but I was dam* close. I read and reread my tech magazines and in the pre-internet days ordered catalogs on new products, etc. As I mentioned before I dabbled in programming even. My wife and I really became close through a TDBS dial up online service. I used to write DOS batch files and the like. People came to me for computer advice. Those days will return to me. I plan in the near future to play with HTML, Visual BASIC, and some type of database type program amongst other things. Not yet sure where it will lead, but the journey has begun.

Better go, I've got books to read.

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BLOGGER RELAUNCH the relaunch of BLOGGER so far. Perhaps it will be more stable now.

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Real Quick

"The Gods made Heavy Metal and it's never gonna die." --Manowar

"Stand and fight live by your heart. Always one more trial. I'm not afraid to die." --Manowar

I'll make it real quick since BLOGGER is about to go down for it's Mother's Day Upgrade. Just got in from taking the kids to the park and they are all napping now. It's a beautiful day here in Barber Town, sunny and 80 degrees. We don't get a lot of these.

I just singed up for BLOGLINES and G-mail. I'm in the mood to tinker this week. My FEEDSTER test has not gone well, however I think with a server upgrade they could have a much better product.

I'm serious about opening my mind back up to technology and learning as much as I can about it. There was a time when I was quite knowledgeable though never an expert. I'd like to get back at least to that point.

My brother's hard drive crashed. He may have gotten the SASSER worm. The worm shut down our network at work in various stages for the good part of the week. CNN states that the creator of the worm has been caught but problems will continue for weeks. I would love to know why people do that sort of destructive thing.

Yesterday heard Electric Head by White Zombie on the radio. It's been a long time. I love that one. Then later, I heard the remake of More Human than Human by the X-cutioners. Very cool **** indeed.

More to say later, but I better go now. This post is mainly so I can play with BLOGLINES more.

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Friday, May 07, 2004

A Post that Doesn't Need a Name

"You can't tell me to stop it. You can't tell me not to play."--Anthrax

Read this review of Van Helsing. Hmm...sounds like it will be a visual masterpiece extremely short on plot much like the The Mummy. Oh well, I'll wait to see what others have to say about it. After Aikdo practice tomorrow, my brother and I are going to catch a movie since I don't have to work this weekend. Need to pick up the wife a mother's day present and mow the lawn as well.

We were slow in our department yesterday so they asked me to help on the phones for my old department as well as stay on our phones. Whew...that was a challenge. But I'm damn proud of myself, I did a great job I think especially as rusty as I am with our nonexpedited products.

To my surprise, I received a CD from Steve Rostkoski from the APA Centauri. Looks like it's Bob Dylan material. Very cool, I'll have to mail Steve a thank you note. I'm enjoying being in the APA. I can't seem to get anyone else to join, I'd love to see the membership grow. I plan on doing my own "complilation" CD along with a special 'zine called Straight Jacket Sister. More on that soon.

Still looking for a good and inexpensive desk top publishing program.

Going to stop by the library here soon. Need to get some books out including What color is your parachute? Also need some Microsoft Office books and HTML books. Plan to buy some soon but figure I can preview a few there.

Oh yes, and I'm going to spend time playing Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes since it arrived along with Lacey's birthday presents. I think I'm done doing birthday shopping in brick and mortar stores for the most part. We got everything cheaper on the Internet and our 5-7 business day packages arrived in 2 business days. I love you

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Never Figure It Out

I'll never figure BLOGGER errors out. First, I ran the spell check on my last post and instead of fixing the errors it distorted them into even more incorrect spellings. Go figure? Then it mysteriously zapped out one of my quotes from the top of the post. And then it put all kinds of strange squiggly line scribbles into the Union Underground lyric. It took my nearly as long to fix the problems as to write the post. One thing, I have learned real quick about BLOGGER. It is the eleventh commandment: Save thy posts often. I save about every five minutes at most. I've lost more posts while I was working on them than I care to mention.

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"Now get the guns, the drugs, From my generation. I'll take the fall, the saints, across the nation. And it's the sex, the gods, the freaks, the frauds.
They're messing with me. Come on, come on, come on. Let's get it on!...Live through my music" -- The Union Underground

"Everything is perfect. Everything is sick."--Anthrax

"Do you see what I see? Truth is an offense." --Metallica

It seems Microsoft has a vision of the future in which people will pay for whiz-bang tech in an "experience economy". Microsoft's future vision. The wired world is upon us.

And in this political season, I'm glad to see the all mighty Washington hypocrites still believe their own lies. Bush requests 25 billion more for Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq has been a total drain on the war on terror and is now the focal point when it shouldn't be.

Not sure where I found this link. But the men-in-black may be searching BLOGS for intelligence info. Or more likely, already are.

I finally watched the Grinch video. Thumbs up.

Went to the comic shop yesterday and picked up: Metal Hurlant, Y, and the last issue of Thessaly. Then went to work early for a mentoring meeting that was cancelled. Only nobody let me know so I showed up two hours early for nothing. Last time that happens. Why is it that no one ever thinks of the guy that works late? Not sure if that's a compliment since my work is good and few things are left for dayshift or if it's "out of sight, out of mind".

Read a couple of really good BLOG posts lately. It seems Ron has some HTML advice for us all: The Rat Squeaks. And Scott is having a great conversation about post modernism. I read a lot of BLOGS, should I be reading yours?

In fact, I read so many different things I can never seem to finish. That scrambled mind thing again. Such is my brain. Perhaps that is why at work I am so anal. And I mean completely anal. I have a hard time working on multiple sales or problems. I get this impending doom feeling if I don't finish the first thing first. It's me. It's my universe. And that is why I have taken up a new interest (how many more do I need?) in psychology. I find it amazing to learn how the brain works. To learn about concepts such as 'emotional intelligence'. And how linked it all is. A chain exists between brains and bodies and feelings. What effects one, effects the other. Trauma leaves biological imprints. We transmit feelings to others even subconsciously. Being a man is a puzzle.

When I look at myself, I know I have so many idiosyncrasies. So many habits and rituals. I always thought it was due to my lack of security which was reinforced after my Dad's suicide and that I had many, many more rituals than most people. But now, I believe that everyone may have just as many idiosyncrasies because we are unique complex beings.

Some of my personal habits include carrying my brief case everywhere. It has to be with me or I feel lost. I do things in the exact same order every day. Exactly the same. From getting up, to brushing teeth, to getting ready for the day...if that order is broken it puts a bad light on my day. Things must be put in the right place, or I feel overwhelmed. For example, things like the remote, hair brush, and tooth brush. The overwhelmed feelings in my best description are akin to the feeling of being crushed. Of someone sitting on your lungs that you can't get off. Again, most of my habits are related to "order" and "security" and are near compulsive.

I look at other people and though I won't go into specific examples there are patterns in nearly everyone. People divorce one person and marry someone nearly identical. People react nearly the same way in certain situations. And so on. We can't help it. This is our nature. This is what we are. The key I guess is to understanding our nature, accepting it, and overcoming the bad things when possible while embracing ourselves as a whole.

Can man do this? Can I? I don't know. I really don't know. So much loathing for mankind and the human condition. And that ultimately should be the point of "religion". To love ourselves and one another. God/Karma/Higher Power wouldn't have it any other way I would think. The real sin is not caring for your fellow man or yourself the temple of God. And though God doesn't speak to me, I don't need anyone to point out this simple fact.

Two of my bosses that recently left work told me that whether I know it or not...I am one of the most self aware people they have ever met. I also am conscious of the people around me. I pick up on body language and the meaning behind the words. Which came as a total shock to me because I always felt I was naive.

Now, I no longer know where I'm going with this so I'll call it a day. Hope all is well with you and when you understand the meaning of life, please, drop me a line.


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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Sweatin' to the Oldies

From Newsweek: "It's not nice to make fun of people with issues." Exercise guru Richard Simmons, on slapping a twenty three year old passenger on a plane who said, "Hey everbody, it's Richard Simmons, let's drop our bags and rock to the '50's." If I were Richard, I'd worry less about the issues and more about the hair.

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Psi-Ops and FEEDSTER

It's all right. It's all right I'm just a little crazy. --Fight

Just tried out some of the demo of Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy from this month's X Box Magazine. Cool as hell man, cool as hell. Your character can use telekenisis and throw things or levitate them including opponents. He can rob an enemy's mind of it's Psi energy and kill them. He can see through walls. And become a human flame thrower by will alone.

And lo and behold FEEDSTER worked today! When I logged in Ron had updated in the past three hours. And then when, I changed the view for the past three days it gave me six more of my feeds. Now we're getting somewhere! I love it when a plan comes together.

However, I'm still finding FEEDSTER to be slow and it's not marking my feeds as read but I'll keep playing. Anyway, I'm sure with enough play I'll get it all figured out.

Evidently Drew Carey is coming to an end. I didn't know it was still on.

Sometime this week, I've got to tell you about the cat.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Do we really need to see this?

Ashton Kuscher may play Tommy Lee in 'The Dirt'.

Motley Crue, is more or less, for lack of a better term, from my scene. It was people like them that were the poster boys of my generation. That was the music that imprinted my high school years. And to that I say who cares? Who really wants to see a movie about a bunch of over indulged drug addicts making mediocre music?

In fact the only good incarnation of Motley Crue was when John Corabi stepped in as lead singer for their self tiltled LP. Now, there is a guy with a voice Vince could only dream of. His version of "Wildside" (the Crue's best song by far) still sticks in my memory like yesterday. Most interesting thing was the bill. King's X and Type O Negative opened. How the hell did those three acts end up together...LOL.

Oh well, everyone's a

Perhaps Ashton could give the movie some life. He was quite believable in Butterfly Effect. That was a good move. Besides who can't love a guy that's engaged to Demi Moore? And you know how I feel about Demi.

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Monday, May 03, 2004

All Around the Block

"What a gift the writer's life is." --Roy Sorells

"Cus I'm broken when I'm hoping." --Seether

"Your time will come. --Iron Maiden

"The pain is all the same." --Metal Church

I'm thinking of reading some Star Wars books again. Here's a review for one that caught my eye: A New Threat. It seems young Boba Fett can now kill a Noghri and will soon encounter one General Grievous. Also, Zahn has a new one out. I think I'll see if the library has them since I've been very disappointed in recent years with a plethora of Star Wars books.

I might still try to pound out a Star Wars fan fiction that's been in my own head for several years about a dark Jedi with a split personality....split seven ways that is. He believes he is the sole survivor of the Empire. Desperate people do desperate things. And if his plans succeeds, he may just be the last living being period.

Check out CNN's VEEPSTAKES. Very good run down of most of the potential running mates for John Kerry. My personal favorite is John McCain. It won't ever happen, but should it happen, I'll be voting for Kerry. It won't happen because people can't get over their "political party". I have a strong feeling Hillary will end up on the ticket and if not her someone like her. Kerry needs someone that can draw a lot of fanfare. At this point, even with all of Bush's screw ups, the race is a near dead heat. Which says something about the polarized situation of our nation's voters. I feel most people when weighed out over a large scale of issues are moderate or near moderate. However since so many do not vote regularly the swing factor is much seems mainly die hards for either side are consistent voters even in Presidential elections. has a great back issue review. A guy by the name of Logan has a real first name according to this back issue. While you're at it, there's a two for one sale going on. I love the premise of this small press publisher.

I'm still not sure I'm understanding Feedster. The concept is great but I needed something that essentially points out to me whenever a feed I read updates. It doesn't seem to be doing that at all. Perhaps, I'm not doing something right. I guess maybe I'll try out BLOGLINES or another one. Basically, I want to log in and get an obvious message that says, "These FEEDS have updated since the last time you logged on."

It seems call centers and programming aren't the only things being farmed off shore.

As for my work situation. I made an important decision this weekend. I'm going to keep my nose to the grind stone and keep plugging away. I will keep mentoring, updating my computer skills, and continue to be a top performer. NO matter what happens, I can't go wrong. If things don't end up working out, I will still only be the better for it. One of my mentors gave me a great piece of advice, "Stay focused always and always make the job serve you." That is exactly what I'm going to do. Right now I am getting free ACCESS training at work for example. This is a skill I can both use there and take with me because it is portable.

In the meanwhile, I will continue to look for things I can do on the side. Right now, I really need cash so I might just do about anything as long as the schedule is flexible. For the long term, I will continue to look for something I can do on the side that I have a passion for and am good at.

The weekend watched House of a 1000 Corpses which is absolutely one of the worst movies ever created. Stupid. Unoriginal. And boring. I also watched BASIC which was both enjoyable and fun and had a great twist of an ending. We rented The Grinch for the kids too so I will probably pop that in the VCR tomorrow before work.

I didn't do a lot this weekend other than martial arts practice. I have been feeling low. Black depression I think they call it. Part of it is work and part of it is biochemical I'm sure. I never feel good around my Dad's birthday on top of it and here it comes again in a few days. I couldn't sleep again Saturday night so I made the mistake of trying to watch TV. Last time, I do that. I wasted two plus hours of my time flipping the channels and it didn't help me to relax or bore me into sleep. I new I should of just read a book especially since I always (and I mean always) have something to read.

Heard Seether's new version of Broken with Amy Lynn of Evanescence. It's very very cool.

Kalisa ordered me a copy of Dungeons and Dragons Heroes for the X-box. Looking forward to playing it.

Now that we've been all around the head-block and back again I better go. Let me leave you with something else that popped in my head the other day. It's the text to the beginning to a comic:

In my nightmares she's always burning.
And burning a raging fire.
Only this time, the nightmare is real...
Get out of the way!!!

Keep in mind each line would be a separate panel in the comic.

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

A meme from Scott Marshall:

1. Go into your blog's archives.
2. Find your twenty-third post (or as close as you can to it)
3. Find the fifth line in the post (or closest)
4. Post that line in your blog with these instructions.

There was no fifth line from mine but here's what is said: "The best thing about having a pen name: I can refer to myself in third person, and not get funny looks."

You mean...Nobius isn't my real name? I'm shocked! I think I'm having an identity crisis...:)

Here's my corresponding post.

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EarthLink Redefine Your World

EarthLink Redefine Your World

Got this link in my snail mail but I figured 'oh what the heck, I could win $150,000.' Now you can try too. If you win, don't forget dear old Nobius. Meanwhile, I'll be getting back to cold fusion theory. I have a better chance with it...:)

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Ultimate Fantastic Four

From today's Bad Signal: Ultimate Fantastic Four #7. Preview Warren's run on Ultimate Fantastic Four with this first look issue on-line over at Mile High.

The preview is a complete issue and it reads and looks good. Mile High still has one of the ugliest looking websites ever.

Can anyone give me the low down on exactly what the difference is between the Ultimate line of Marvel comics and their standard universe. Also, what's the deal with Marvel Knights? Are these all different continuities? I don't really read Marvel these days.

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Where is this going anyway?

Don't you tell me to deny it. I wanna suffer for my sins. --Fiona Apple

I'm only a man looking for a dream...It's not easy to be me. --Five for Fighting

Think I've got the FEEDSTER working. Now someone update your BLOG!! And if you're BLOG doesn't have RSS feeds turned on expect plenty of hate mail and spam from one pissed off BLOGGER in Barber Town. Umm...okay just kidding, please fix it. Pretty please?

What a day at work. Both my manager and one of my supervisors left the company today. And they were both really really good. Hmm...can we say sinking ship? Only time will tell.

The comic book shop idea or something really is getting more appealing all the time. How about a website that sell E-comics for low rates. What if you could buy a PDF comic for seventy five cents (or less) an issue? Would you? Could enough profit be made so that the site could sustain itself? Turn a profit? Provide a living for both creators and me? ...all this and more on the next episode of SOAP! that was a good show. I'd love to own the DVD collection. But since I can't here's a cheap episode guide instead. So many good laughs to that show. My favorite probably had to be when BURT hid BOB from Chuck. So, Chuck went around making everything else talk. Ha Ha. Guess you had to be there. Anyone else out there like the show?

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