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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Congrats to my niece Tyler who was the first girl to win the Soap Box Derby in sixty five years. And this morning, she was on Regis & Kelly.

We're so proud of her!

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From my per-zine White Rabbit Fall! available exclusively in APA Centauri:

...In early August, my brother and I saw Disturbed at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls (the town I grew up in). My third cousin Wayne is obscenely rich from selling Blossom most of the land it now resides on and then worked there for twenty years. My mom gave me my middle name in honor of ol’ Wayne. Wayne …yuck. If Mom was a little cooler she would have named me something a little less hick like Hamerstein, Balls Mahoney, or Nobius Black…lol. The original bill contained Hatebreed as the opener but due to a family emergency Strapping Young Lad filled the opening spot, followed by home town rockers Mushroomhead.

I had only recently become familiar with Strapping Young Lad and their latest release The New Black. (Praise God for that Internet radio thingy—the second greatest invention ever.) Screeching, pounding, and furious Strapping’s blitz took me to a head banging Nirvana that I did not expect. Like a fine whiskey or good drug. In typical Akron fashion, no one else seemed to know who these guys were. (It’s amazing any music has come out of this cesspool I call a hometown. Akron, OH is the most boring and culturally uninformed city on planet Earth.) The band clearly noticed. Moments before their closing number Devin Townsend (lead singer) pointed to me and shouted, “Ya that guy in the green shirt in back, he gets it! Screw the rest of you!” My sentiments exactly... those nutty Canadian metal bands.

With the wonderful schedules I work, I had never been lucky enough to catch Kent, OH natives Mushroomhead. Kings of alt-metal, they began wearing their masks and face paint so they wouldn’t be recognized. The members were in other bands and ‘shroom was a crazy side project. It’s practically urban myth, in these parts, of how good the costumed, theatrical septet is. But let me assure you, the legend is quite true. Ripping into songs from nearly all of their releases, it’s rare that you hear a rock act so polished that you can’t tell the difference between live and studio. These guys are the real deal and the performance of tracks off their new release, the melodically evil Savior Sorrow, were like the first lingering kiss with your true love. You never want it to end! Lights, smoke, Blue Man Groupish drum solos… I’ve never seen or heard anything like it and I’ve been to hundreds of metal shows over the years.

The second song I was exposed to from Chicago thrashers Disturbed was their 2000 cover of Tears for Fear’s Shout. Having a certain fondness for cover songs (especially by metal artists, blame Metallica!), I was immediately enamored and shorted the electric bill so I could run out to buy The Sickness album. Not the most responsible act on my part, but well worth the thirteen dollars. Six years later, it’s still a mainstay in my CD player. I had some trepidation over this year’s release of Ten Thousand Fists, the CD had been delayed nearly eighteen months so the band could "perfect" the tracks. What a mind blow, when my brother spun the album for me during martial arts practice--it’s a spiritual, political, anti-Iraq war, full-of-truth metal journey. David Drayman and the boys are all grown up making music in the metal genre that not only rocks but is important art. Nodding to old schoolers like Judas Priest (my favorite of that era) and Maiden but giving the music a much needed modern feeling. Who wants to hear the same style over and over?

Eschewing the pyro and effects of other rock acts, Disturbed plowed through their musical staples with efficient beauty. Even with a strained voice (this show was on an Ozzfest off day) Drayman’s powerful, inspiring style lit the night sky like fire. Between songs he’d speak his metal anthem while pounding on his heart with a fist, "…my brothers, my sisters, my blood!" and the crowd went nuts! A metal-head family reunion, even if we’d never met before—-a religious experience…a commune. The highlight of the evening was the anti-Bush growl Deify (a song that starts with real audio of a talking head spewing "Bush was reelected because the people know you can believe what he says..." which quickly moves into a tirade of why man should never turn their politicians into gods or for truth.) Followed by another Disturbed cover song in Land of Illusion that is faithful to the Genesis source but given new life as an anti-fascism, anti-big business, anti war pledge for today’s kids.

The whole night was a throw back to the eighties when metal shows were a huge deal in these parts complete with tailgate parties. Even ticket prices were much lower than what I’ve paid lately, at thirty eight dollars a pop for pavilion seats with service charge. My neck muscles are still sore. I think I threw my spine loose! ...Or at least until the next time one of these bands comes to town.

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Jack Micheline Contest

Greetings friends,

I am happy to announce a new contest for a book length collection of poetry.

To honor Jack Micheline, The Guild of Outsider Writers is sponsoring The
Jack Micheline Memorial, a contest for a book length collection of poems.

The winner will receive publication of her book by Tainted Coffee Press,
copies of the book, an introduction written by S.A. Griffin, and the use of
Jack Micheline's artwork for a cover design.

Anyone may enter and there is no entry fee.

I am posting a complete announcement below for use in any publication
willing to pass the word. No money is changing hands in this contest. Even
the printer is working for free. The Jack Micheline Foundation is endorsing
the use of Jack's name in this effort. Thank you very much for helping to
spread the word to the poetry community.


David Blaine
The Guild of Outsider Writers

The Jack Micheline Memorial

The Guild Of Outsider Writers is sponsoring The Jack Micheline Memorial,
a contest for a book length collection of poems.

This contest is free and open to anyone who wishes to submit 35 to 65 pages
of poetry.

Previously published poems may be included if the author has retained
rights and gives proper credit to the original publisher.

Manuscripts may be submitted as a single document attached to an e-mail.
Please confine name and contact info (snail and e-mail please) to the
uppermost portion of the manuscript. All entries will be judged blind.

Send submissions to
no later than October 1'st. The winner will be announced by November 1'st.

The final judge of manuscripts will be Todd Moore.
The winning submission will be published by Tainted Coffee Press in
conjunction with The Guild of Outsider Writers.

A forward to the book will be written by S.A. Griffin

The Jack Micheline Foundation has given their permission for the contest to
be conducted in Jack's name and, if the winner wishes, will work with them
to use Jack's art for the cover.

Submissions are open now. Direct inquiries to

michelinememorial AT

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alice More Beautiful In Springtime

"Sometimes I think you need someone to stop you." --Martha speaking to Doctor Who

"How long 'till my soul gets it right?" --Indigo Girls

Gabcast! White Rabbit - *BLACK HOLE* #7

Alice More Beautiful In Springtime

More beautiful
in Springtime
my Pieces:
An Angel's Task.

stick figure wax
literary, stalking prey:
Educated Tyrants.
Friendship under glass;
Police Box

Scissors cut me from script-
Grandiose words,
Epic with wings.
Never knowing ground
Beneath feet.
An Angel's Task.

Say hello to your head.
Sounds love-winter cold
Each day's December loss.
The only resurrection
Here tonight
Your own.
More sur-real as I go.
Why did Elvis have to die?

While Me
Alive for
A Happy
Kraft Macaroni 'N Cheese,
And choosing
The Perfect

Perfect Word.

Alice, Baby,
just one more thing...
Is it Springtime
again soon?

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Another Fine Roundtable

Another fine round table discussion over at Outside Writers including my own comments. :)

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sunday Hangover

And when he writes like this, he's pure mad genius. Warren Ellis: The Sunday Hangover.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Days Never Coming Back: An Internet Mixtape

"Our days are never coming back." --System of a Down

Another collection of the songs that are inspiring me in the here and now.

Highway Song System of a Down

Kill the Poor (Live) Dead Kennedys

Hide Your Love Way Eddie Vedder

I'm Not Jesus Apocalyptica with Corey Taylor

Garden of Stone Pearl Jam

Dig Up Her Bones The Misfits

Abigail King Diamond

Southside Moby with Gwen Stefani

Down In It Nine Inch Nails

Scream Machine (Live) Beyond Fear

Tarantuala Smashing Pumpkins

Black Sunshine White Zombie

Halo Soil

Dirt House Static-X

Temptation Cradle of Filth

Wildside Motley Crue

Go With The Flow Queens of the Stone Age

Weeds Live of Agony

Blue A Perfect Circle

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Dream Sequence

Kalisa, our friends Mark and Rachael, and I are all living in the Chapel Hill Tower apartments that both my grandmas lived in while I was growing up. We're looking out over the city (which you could do from my Grandma E's apartment)and a funnel cloud suddenly drops out of the sky and quickly becomes a tornado. The apartment is blown apart but we survive. End dream.

Why do I have so many dreams about tornadoes?

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Read-- Star Wars: Ambush At Corellia

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Dream Sequence

I'm in an apartment alone. The sparse, white apartment is mine. I'm opening an unending stream of envelopes filled with unpaid medical bills. My Mom has moved away. Perhaps to an apartment in Cleveland. I can't find her. I feel alone, betrayed, devastated. End dream.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Guild of Outside Writers Roundtable

Good conversation regarding self publication, etc over at The Guild of Outside Writers. Obviously, with my own publishing of Calliope Nerve as well as being a member of an Amateur Publishing Association I have strong feelings on this issue.

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Grant Morrison The Early Years Part II

And before I forget Grant Morrison the Early Year Part II is up. This time the article talks about Arkham Asylum one of the most lavish and dark graphic novels ever created. And I have an original printing. :)

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Thursday, July 05, 2007


"I don't wanna fight. Every single night. Everything I want is in your eyes." --Smashing Pumpkins

Michele has been kind enough to blog Calliope Nerve XI: Adequate Brood. She definitely gets what the project is about.

Check out an analytical look at Grant Morrison.

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"Point me to the sky above. I can't get there on my own." --The Misfits

I taught Martial Arts class on Tuesday. It gave me an opportunity to show my daughter Kayla and her friend Melissa (our two newest students) the power of Chi. I had them close their eyes and tell me when they feel my hand touch them. Both were quite amazed that my hand was still an inch away from their face when they opened there eyes. I am learning to focus my Chi. When I take my hand to my own face, it feels like static electricity is surrounding my hand.

Now in my own personal training, it's time to do more with my personal energy. (The power within us all.) Time to do good. Harmonize with the universe. As O'Sensei would want.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Visitation (My Head)

"I want to be at least as alive as the vulgar." --Frank O'Hara

"Give me a moment." --The Misfits

Visitation (My Head)

Recycling talons
That killing girl
Scratching brain words
(side of feathers)

Writer's block
Like shooting craps--
A gamble.
Prowling mojo psalms.

How to appreciate art.
Bend thy knee!
Frank O'Hara is
Never running out of verse.

(My Head)
I'm down
In it
--Water Margin--
Other poets so

But I am facing
the last stanza.

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And Now For the Rest of the News

"Time has a way of taking time." - Megadeth

"Where there's love and darkness and my sidearm." --Moby

No Water Cronkite here but I did just get back from watching Live Free or Die Hard which is by far the best action movie I've seen in a decade. Though I won't be reviewing it here, I will say the martial art sequences of Maggie Q were truly remarkable. Not just for her beauty but for her execution. Many of the techniques are ones I teach variations of in my Aikido/Martial Arts classes. The movie pays homage to the previous ones yet remains original and fresh with great dialogue and exciting plot.

Finally got the cash to order my new mat for private martial arts instruction here at the house. I'm thinking I want to market Michael's and my style with a focus on the secret. In other words, many of the techniques are things you just won't learn elsewhere in town.

As for my own training, I want to learn more variations of finger locks.

The wife and kids get back from their vacation at my brother-in-law's in North Carolina this afternoon. I've missed them. I'm going to have dinner ready and flowers waiting for my wife. (But not any of the flowers from my gardens which are looking great.) It's been lonely here without my babies and lady 'round here.

Last weekend I saw Rise of the Silver Surfer the Fantastic Four sequel and was quite impressed with how much better it is than the first movie which frankly fell apart midstream.

Got issue twelve of Calliope Nerve nearly done and started a special format issue which will be something I've never done before. Also, have another poem almost complete to post here soon. My abstract side is coming out in my writing, it is my truest artistic voice yet. And possibly my greatest.

Received Johnathan Hayes's Over the Transom #16 small press poetry and lit zine in the mail yesterday. What a breath taking magazine. I went ahead and submitted a few pieces for a future issue. Crossing my fingers that he likes them as much as I do.

The president of my new company came to my desk to shake my hand Thursday for securing more air shipments in one day than anyone in our company has previously. Nine loads. All-in-a-day's work but it was nice to be appreciated. And it's good to be back in my element again. Doing what I like and what I'm good at. The money isn't nearly as good but the schedule rocks and the environment is positive and relaxed. Money is far from everything.

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