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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dream Sequence

I'm in an apartment alone. The sparse, white apartment is mine. I'm opening an unending stream of envelopes filled with unpaid medical bills. My Mom has moved away. Perhaps to an apartment in Cleveland. I can't find her. I feel alone, betrayed, devastated. End dream.

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On a business trip, I was taking the sky-tram from Atlanta to Seattle when I encountered an elderly traveling couple, the woman in a wheelchair but refusing all assistance. On the way, they talked incessantly about Jesus and we stopped in rural Oregon to attend a protest in the woods. One extreme group of Christians stood in a clearing and railed against the other group of extremists, who protested back. I remember thinking "America is between them", then I looked away and ammended it to "America is out there." I tried to walk away on a darkened path but I heard the sounds of growling on approach. A beast attacked me, at first looking like a grizzly, then a werewolf, and finally a large dog. I eventually befriended it and was allowed to leave. That's all I remember.
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surreal to the edge. thanks for the new calliope. some good writing no doubt.
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Billy, you're welcome.

Steve, is that you? :)
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