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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Guild of Outside Writers Roundtable

Good conversation regarding self publication, etc over at The Guild of Outside Writers. Obviously, with my own publishing of Calliope Nerve as well as being a member of an Amateur Publishing Association I have strong feelings on this issue.

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Hello Nobious Black,

Glad to see you enjoyed the conversation. I too feel, despite our consistent ranting at OW, that publication comes second to creating great work! I am now more open to any types of publications. THe key to any of it is writing, writing, writing!

P.S. I am adding you to my personal blog...check it out.
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Thanks for the link exchange. You're on the money there dude. Creating is the important part. Publishing is only the vehicle.
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Yes. Sorry to mess up your name. Nobius. Nice corresponding with you. I look foward to the future Calliope prints.
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