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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jack Micheline Contest

Greetings friends,

I am happy to announce a new contest for a book length collection of poetry.

To honor Jack Micheline, The Guild of Outsider Writers is sponsoring The
Jack Micheline Memorial, a contest for a book length collection of poems.

The winner will receive publication of her book by Tainted Coffee Press,
copies of the book, an introduction written by S.A. Griffin, and the use of
Jack Micheline's artwork for a cover design.

Anyone may enter and there is no entry fee.

I am posting a complete announcement below for use in any publication
willing to pass the word. No money is changing hands in this contest. Even
the printer is working for free. The Jack Micheline Foundation is endorsing
the use of Jack's name in this effort. Thank you very much for helping to
spread the word to the poetry community.


David Blaine
The Guild of Outsider Writers

The Jack Micheline Memorial

The Guild Of Outsider Writers is sponsoring The Jack Micheline Memorial,
a contest for a book length collection of poems.

This contest is free and open to anyone who wishes to submit 35 to 65 pages
of poetry.

Previously published poems may be included if the author has retained
rights and gives proper credit to the original publisher.

Manuscripts may be submitted as a single document attached to an e-mail.
Please confine name and contact info (snail and e-mail please) to the
uppermost portion of the manuscript. All entries will be judged blind.

Send submissions to
no later than October 1'st. The winner will be announced by November 1'st.

The final judge of manuscripts will be Todd Moore.
The winning submission will be published by Tainted Coffee Press in
conjunction with The Guild of Outsider Writers.

A forward to the book will be written by S.A. Griffin

The Jack Micheline Foundation has given their permission for the contest to
be conducted in Jack's name and, if the winner wishes, will work with them
to use Jack's art for the cover.

Submissions are open now. Direct inquiries to

michelinememorial AT

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