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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Days Never Coming Back: An Internet Mixtape

"Our days are never coming back." --System of a Down

Another collection of the songs that are inspiring me in the here and now.

Highway Song System of a Down

Kill the Poor (Live) Dead Kennedys

Hide Your Love Way Eddie Vedder

I'm Not Jesus Apocalyptica with Corey Taylor

Garden of Stone Pearl Jam

Dig Up Her Bones The Misfits

Abigail King Diamond

Southside Moby with Gwen Stefani

Down In It Nine Inch Nails

Scream Machine (Live) Beyond Fear

Tarantuala Smashing Pumpkins

Black Sunshine White Zombie

Halo Soil

Dirt House Static-X

Temptation Cradle of Filth

Wildside Motley Crue

Go With The Flow Queens of the Stone Age

Weeds Live of Agony

Blue A Perfect Circle

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