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Thursday, July 05, 2007


"Point me to the sky above. I can't get there on my own." --The Misfits

I taught Martial Arts class on Tuesday. It gave me an opportunity to show my daughter Kayla and her friend Melissa (our two newest students) the power of Chi. I had them close their eyes and tell me when they feel my hand touch them. Both were quite amazed that my hand was still an inch away from their face when they opened there eyes. I am learning to focus my Chi. When I take my hand to my own face, it feels like static electricity is surrounding my hand.

Now in my own personal training, it's time to do more with my personal energy. (The power within us all.) Time to do good. Harmonize with the universe. As O'Sensei would want.

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you are in tuned to the mysteries. is all good. on my side am getting deeper into taoism. I finally got my copy of the tao te ching.
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