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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Visitation (My Head)

"I want to be at least as alive as the vulgar." --Frank O'Hara

"Give me a moment." --The Misfits

Visitation (My Head)

Recycling talons
That killing girl
Scratching brain words
(side of feathers)

Writer's block
Like shooting craps--
A gamble.
Prowling mojo psalms.

How to appreciate art.
Bend thy knee!
Frank O'Hara is
Never running out of verse.

(My Head)
I'm down
In it
--Water Margin--
Other poets so

But I am facing
the last stanza.

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waiting for thy muse. she comes unexpected.
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Your absolutely right Billy.
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Nice work. I especially like 'Prowling mojo psalms.'

BTW, 'Hybrid Moments' is one of my favorite Misfits songs. It still gives me gooseflesh.
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You're good. That is a great Misfits song and one of the inspirations for this piece. I also listened to "Dig Up Her Bones" while I was writing this, which is my favorite from the Michael Graves era of the Misfits.
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BTW, JD glad you liked the poem.
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As always, my friend, your writing is beautiful.
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