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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alice More Beautiful In Springtime

"Sometimes I think you need someone to stop you." --Martha speaking to Doctor Who

"How long 'till my soul gets it right?" --Indigo Girls

Gabcast! White Rabbit - *BLACK HOLE* #7

Alice More Beautiful In Springtime

More beautiful
in Springtime
my Pieces:
An Angel's Task.

stick figure wax
literary, stalking prey:
Educated Tyrants.
Friendship under glass;
Police Box

Scissors cut me from script-
Grandiose words,
Epic with wings.
Never knowing ground
Beneath feet.
An Angel's Task.

Say hello to your head.
Sounds love-winter cold
Each day's December loss.
The only resurrection
Here tonight
Your own.
More sur-real as I go.
Why did Elvis have to die?

While Me
Alive for
A Happy
Kraft Macaroni 'N Cheese,
And choosing
The Perfect

Perfect Word.

Alice, Baby,
just one more thing...
Is it Springtime
again soon?

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