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Sunday, July 01, 2007

And Now For the Rest of the News

"Time has a way of taking time." - Megadeth

"Where there's love and darkness and my sidearm." --Moby

No Water Cronkite here but I did just get back from watching Live Free or Die Hard which is by far the best action movie I've seen in a decade. Though I won't be reviewing it here, I will say the martial art sequences of Maggie Q were truly remarkable. Not just for her beauty but for her execution. Many of the techniques are ones I teach variations of in my Aikido/Martial Arts classes. The movie pays homage to the previous ones yet remains original and fresh with great dialogue and exciting plot.

Finally got the cash to order my new mat for private martial arts instruction here at the house. I'm thinking I want to market Michael's and my style with a focus on the secret. In other words, many of the techniques are things you just won't learn elsewhere in town.

As for my own training, I want to learn more variations of finger locks.

The wife and kids get back from their vacation at my brother-in-law's in North Carolina this afternoon. I've missed them. I'm going to have dinner ready and flowers waiting for my wife. (But not any of the flowers from my gardens which are looking great.) It's been lonely here without my babies and lady 'round here.

Last weekend I saw Rise of the Silver Surfer the Fantastic Four sequel and was quite impressed with how much better it is than the first movie which frankly fell apart midstream.

Got issue twelve of Calliope Nerve nearly done and started a special format issue which will be something I've never done before. Also, have another poem almost complete to post here soon. My abstract side is coming out in my writing, it is my truest artistic voice yet. And possibly my greatest.

Received Johnathan Hayes's Over the Transom #16 small press poetry and lit zine in the mail yesterday. What a breath taking magazine. I went ahead and submitted a few pieces for a future issue. Crossing my fingers that he likes them as much as I do.

The president of my new company came to my desk to shake my hand Thursday for securing more air shipments in one day than anyone in our company has previously. Nine loads. All-in-a-day's work but it was nice to be appreciated. And it's good to be back in my element again. Doing what I like and what I'm good at. The money isn't nearly as good but the schedule rocks and the environment is positive and relaxed. Money is far from everything.

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