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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Usual Usual

"Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are books that other folks have lent me." --Anatole France

My life's the usual pile of steaming cr*p. All for me. Yum!

Still dealing with the aftermath of the repo, my daughter's health issues, the lack of work, the company riding my a** over nothing, so on and so fricking forth. Here I go again sounding like a b*tch and that's why I don't do much personal blogging these days. At least not until things get better. I guess better venting to a computer than at my family.

I have been updating the The Blacklist and Muse Thing has taken on a life of it's own along with two huge projects I'm editing.

If I did drugs, I'd say I need a stint in rehab. Maybe I should start. No one likes a procrastinator. Pass the hallucinogenics please.

I even appear over there as someone else.

No one knows the real me. Not really.

Not even sure I do and I think that's the way I like it.

When I'm not in a mood, I'll tell you about the Disturbed concert, and my garden, and silver linings and sh*t.

Sleep Dealer gone.

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