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Friday, May 01, 2009

Sleep Dealer

"Can I still come home to you?" --MSG

Sleep Dealer

Pock marked autumn,
this time of tiny words.

Another butterfly death,
Funeral for a friend
Creatures of brief season.

While like the leaves,
Prayers fall out my mouth
A swarm of locusts.

Live on Jesus.
No comfort for me.
Saint of Killers,
Lunch time!

-posted by Nobius 10:32 PM #
Comments: "
No sleep for those who
Toil unknown in the dark depths,
Take a pill and rest...

Great poem. It's good to be back too...I must tell you what happened to me last month...
" "
Thank you James. Looking forward to hearing from you. I like this piece, may edit it a little more but it has some good lines.
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great piece man. great piece..
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Thanks Billy!
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