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Friday, December 21, 2007

Calliope Nerve Submission Guidelines

Calliope Nerve is a zine focusing on high quality poetry and short-lit in a variety of styles. (We also accept quotes, reviews, journalism, and odd bits.) Each issue is the front and back of a regular sheet of typing paper so size of the submission is a consideration.

All submissions must be sans the snobbery and elitism of other publications. Art must be shared with the world, it belongs to all. Our magazine has published everyone from accomplished writers/poets, to retired pest exterminators, to seventeen year old cheerleaders and people from all walks of life in between. We do not care whether the world gets us or not.

Most importantly, each issue strives for as much originality in content as possible.

Copyrights remain with the authors and works are not exclusive as we also accept pieces that have been/or will be published elsewhere. Remember, your piece is always new to someone!

Submissions should include a short author's blurb and be sent in email form without attachments to nobius AT All double spacing must be removed. Simultaneous submissions are fine but we prefer separate emails for each piece. If you poem does not have a name, please label it as untitled. Email subject line should state: Calliope Nerve submission. If you are under eighteen, please advise in your email.

We do not pay for accepted work as this is a free magazine but you may plug any project, website, etc. you please in your author's blurb.

Subscriptions are not offered. Each issue is printed in limited runs. And ran exclusively in the Amateur Press Association: APA Centauri and mailed out to individual readers by request. As new issues becomes available, we let potential readers know via $1 Post Paid (Zine Scene) community amongst other places. Calliope Nerve has been read and loved by thousands of people.

Examples of previous issues can be found here, here, and even here. Or you can contact me for a sample issue.

More information on Calliope is available at this What To Wear During An Orange Alert interview.

Thanks for inquiring on our guidelines and thanks even more for reading Calliope Nerve. Poetry is prayer, God is ink!

Calliope Nerve: Name Your Muse!

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