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Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Well.. looks like me and my dear sister, Drena, haven't really been on..
I do apologize.
With school and everything that happened with our father, we've been I guess... distracted. Then summer starting, we were doing things with friends, going places and such. Though,  there have been times I've gone to get on, then couldn't think of anything to say so, I didn't.
You see, I write poetry. Nothing sweet and lovey, nothing happy. Mostly depressing, twisted things of pain and betrayal because for some reason, it's what comes to me easiest.  My father and sister wrote.. stories, poems, lots of things.. and sadly, I do not believe that it's a talent I picked up. Then again, I am only fourteen. So maybe, just maybe.. it will come to me in due time.
I hope the people who got to read my Father's work are not let down. I will try my hardest to do as well as him and Drena.

Oh, and update, by the way.
My sibling, mother and I are all doing fine. We've been a lot better in the past few months, though I am betting we're all be worse off when the anniversary of my father's passing comes around..
I will try to get on more and post, and will inform my sister to do the same.

-Alyss Black

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