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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Post

Blank page. Zero words. No thought.
What to write, what to write...
Hmm.. a story?
A short one that ends somewhere good, leaving people wanting more?
Or maybe a long, complicated one with more complicated details?
How about an experience, an update on life?
No, no.. that won't do..
I have the perfect idea...
How about... a poem?

 They paint her up,
Make her pretty,
It's time for a show, 
In another big city. 
Acting happy,
Wearing a smile,
This had gotten old,
After a while.
It's only the beginning,
And fans scream her name,
They cannot see,
That she's hiding great pain.
Drugs in her system,
Liquid courage,
 Her strengths wearing out,
 In comes disparage.
The light are off,
The fame now dies,
Fake smiles disappear, 
And she can cry.
The life she lives,
She does not want, 
Her best friend, a knife,
Now becoming so blunt.
That mask they painted,
Onto her skin,
Now washes down the drain, 
Won't be worn again.
Tonight is the night,
She calls the shots,
The show she has planned,
Won't be forgot.
She's hurt and weak
Has no hope,
She's at the end,
Of her very short rope.
She took all the pills,
And turned off the lights,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
She bids you good-night.

-Alyss Black

-posted by Nobius 10:10 PM #
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That was so amazingly portrayed. I love you and this is your first poem that i have ever read.Thanks for writing so amazingly.
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