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Friday, August 06, 2010

Life Moves On

For those of you that know, I'm in the accepting phase. It is what is, what happened happened. I've learned a lot about what not to do in a relationship (and what to do) and what not to allow happen to me. If you can't communicate, love dies.

Bipolars have a 93% divorce rate so I guess we bucked the trend for a long time. My meds feel like they're finally helping and so here I am moving on. Working through the depression.

Need more friends and that will be the biggest challenge. I'm not always so good at that but I'll relearn. I want a lot of friends again. Friends of my own.

Thinking I'm going to put the whole publishing end of Calliope on hiatus as right now it's stress not fun.

I still have my children. Just got a car again. Got a roommate. And though this place isn't home, it is a place to start making memories.

The road forward is hard and lonely but this too shall end. (Cliche, cliche, cliche... I know.)

As the adage says, "Time to concentrate on a new beginning, not look over your should at the past or the past how you thought it should be." That's Dr. Phil by the way.

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yup you make a choice and don't look back. peace man.
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Thanks bro, I appreciate it.
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