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Thursday, July 22, 2010

wait for me (Draft)

"...the pain of're sleeping in the fire." -- W.A.S.P.

wait for me (Draft)

And if this isn't the right poEm...
Cleave to a comma.
Swing to the next.
You're a poet, Matt.
(Just not a very good poet.)

wait for me
on a plane
out the window
the sun set
so full of divorce

my ticket to
of .M.e

Pacific isle
Run where I can / am able
Bedtime means too many pills!

I'm sleeping in a fire.

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good stuff even
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Dude, (I know I just called you Dude...LOL) Love it...diggin the vibe right up to last two lines...this is a "Mattism" I realize - Something unexpected and irreverent...tell me about running where you can / am able. Take me there...maybe your pasty white ass exposed and sun burned - like you are on fire??? Now that's divorce. I dunno my friend -> I do love your writing. I get where you are that should be scary...LOL
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