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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gone To Columbus

Working a side job while I'm on vacation this week. Should be able to port this work back to Akron and turn into a full time job shortly.

Have several Calliope Nerve books in the pipeline too with four ready for immediate release once I have the computer time to get them up.

But first, need to get everything worked out so the utilites and internet are on when my lease starts August 1st at the new apartment.

My daughter Kayla wrote a very touching suite of poems that I need to edit and help her create a book.

The kids need me right now and I need myself. In all of this, I've lost my best friend, my wife and so much else. No more loss. Not for me, not for my kids.

More soon, I'm temporarily without my own internet or my own computer.

Peace, Love, Jesus, Death Metal,

Nob out

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