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Friday, May 07, 2010

Mind Pulp 05/07/2010 23:30

"Maybe it's not God doing the sending." --X-files: I Want To Believe

Female character in The City, Itself: Alice. Why didn't I think of it before?

Her origin will show a quick flashback in the beginning of the comic to when she was a child with this:

Cut to a figure of a shadow (he's the Emissary), a devil's whisper in her ear: "Alice, do you know who I am?"

Next frame: "I'm God."
The Emissary will cause a war between "our heroes" Gabriel, Alice, and Aaron Midas (and others yet to be fleshed out) and the Clockwork Angels
The absolute beginning of the book, may need work:

Panel 1: "When the Angels came from the sky."

Panel 2: "Fell from Heaven..."

Panel 3: "Or so we thought..."

Panel 4: "With them came war."

Panel 5: "Their victory brought peace."

Panel 6: "But the City changed."

Panel 7: "It had breath. Laughed, cried, mourned for it's shape."

Panel 8: "The City changed."

Panel 9: "It lost identity..."

Panel 10: "The City was Schizophrenic."

Panel 11: "And Angels froze."
More story ideas: The Emissary likes darts. He moves them with his mind. And he has a huge fleet of space ships hidden behind the dark side of the moon ala 'V.'

I still miss Jane Baldur's ass.

Would like to have one character in the story with real faith.

Need to flesh out the adventures our characters will have including a trip to The Elvis Throne and a Star Trek type convention full of zombie hookers and a William Shatner knock off. Jesus shaped poo for sale at auction. A healing stripper pole.

X-files meets Fables here we come:

Gillian Anderson looks far better with long hair:

"I want to believe."

This entire website appears to be ran on Amazon Store tech. Has me thinking more, if that's possible.

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