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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Join the Crash! New Books From Calliope/Free Shipping

"Every one of you could be the same.
Every one of you could play the game.
Gotta green light, gotta green light yeah
But ya goin' nowhere.

You know the best things in life aren't for me.
You know the best things in life aren't for free" --Filter

We'll get out more promotional material soon, but quickly I wanted to do a run down of all the new cool reads you can buy at Calliope Nerve with all that lawn mowing money, you just earned. Be the first on your block to own them! All the other kids are doing it...

Imparadised by Peter Magliocco
"After reading this fine and fearsome work, I must scream, Peter Magliocco: Give me my soul back!" --Nobius Black (Author One Nite Pig)

John Swain's Set Apart Before the World Was Made
"John Swain is the definition of eloquence. Every word he writes, every phrase he creates, in your heart of hearts, you'll feel it." --Nobius Black (author One Nite Pig)

Michael McAloran's The Gathered Bones
"Michael McAloran sets inner demons to words. He is an artist of sense, a tamer of Muse." --Nobius Black (Author One Nite Pig)

six years of relative happiness
"Steve Calamars channels artistic greats like Billie Holliday and Chuck Palahniuk. And Steve Calamars channels Billie Holliday vs. Chuck Palahniuk, four figure leg locking in the squared circle no holds barred in an Elmination Chamber Match. I laughed, I cried, I ran for Prozak." --Nobius Black (author One Nite Pig)

Free shipping from Lulu on most books shipped in the states.

Look for more upcoming releases from RC Miller, David E. Patton, Shawn Misener, Michael McAloran, Felino Soriano, and the re-release of Calliope Nerve XV: Pleasured Hands. The Redux will feature the issue in it's entirety, original material, and a preview of every Calliope Nerve book to date and it'll sport a new cover from zine phenom Wayne Hogan. And that's not all.. because we never sleep. That's why Kristen finds us so attractive.

And she should too. Because we're good looking. With good hair. And damn it, people like us...

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