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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sarah Ahmad's Chaotic Disillusion

Sarah Ahmad's chap Chaotic Disillusion is now available for purchase or free download from Calliope Nerve Media.

"In the west, we whine like bitches over our problems brought on by excess and the injustices in our distribution of superfluous wealth. Sarah Ahmad's new book of poems is written by a Pakistani woman who has a more clear and authentic motivation, and it constitutes a passionate statement of a societal wrong that is couched in a clear but complexly layered declarative style. Articulate poetry that is a powerful manifesto against the injustice of the elite, and against collective wrong. If this is not committed literature then nothing is." --David McLean (Author of laughing at funerals)


Speak mechanism opens
Nonsense on one side of the brain
Common rarely neutral
Device that employs the last hours
The meeting that discusses the end
Elimination completely fought
Threat of the earth is no different
But never
The word
Manage even the deployed
The good threat operation is over
After the process of these pages
Elastic concept imprecise
How long the serious claims?
Wounded report
Nature inflicted
Set out the real spirit
True worthy of the worst
Hours to conclude
Perception proves a fool
One by all
Lie at their feet.

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