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Friday, March 05, 2010

F*cking Lulu/F*cking Microsoft Word

So, I scan a bunch of my back issues of Calliope Nerve into a PDF for a book project and Lulu tells me it can't use the PDF because of possible copyright infringements. In other words, they are paranoid some jack a$$ is going to scan a book and then try to sell it on Lulu.

I then go back to the original files and try to combine them into one document to republish as a PDF and both Microsoft Word and Open Office 3.0 keep removing the format--which basically means I have to start again from scratch.

Technology shouldn't be this difficult.

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Ugh. I feel your pain. Want some hydrocodone? Kidding. But no, really, I have some in my dresser drawer.
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Yes, please forward the pills to my snail mail account. :)
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