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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Growing An E-mail List Ain't Exactly Like Growing A Garden/Book Giveaway

"I take pills that make everything Orange." --The Invention of The Lie

In honor of February, George Washington, and because I love Caterpillars equipped with Hookas, I can not tell a lie...

Or maybe, I'll save that confession for another day. But we the editors of Calliope Nerve do need your help. We must grow our e-mail list. Like hot Sci-Fi channel Cylons, we have a plan. We want 1000 subscribers ASAP. (And pronto too.) There are projects to announce, books to release, original material to disburse, and acquisitions made.

It's time to tell the world our story, which is really your story too. The story of the artist.

Did you know that all Calliope Nerve writers, artists, and editors have never been compensated one dime for their work? We're here because we love quality "writes." Now, we're working on moving Calliope Nerve up a notch so that we can get more exposure for our weblog, publishing arm, and rare bookstore and most importantly our contributors and authors.

All of you that have email lists, contacts, zines, blogs, please posts links, etc to our website with this message:

"Calliope Nerve: Small Press at it's finest. Dreams at their biggest. Ink makes us beautiful! Subscribe to Electric Hookah the free Calliope Nerve e-mail newsletter."

Carbon emails and/or email your links, etc to CalliopeNerve AT We'll randomly choose three winners on March 1st, 2010 to receive a copy of any book out of our catalog.

Word of mouth works too. :) Much blessings and a heartfelt thank you for everything.

You know the rest folks...

Peace, Love, Death-Metal,



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