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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things and Stuff

Here's the book I'm reading:

And here's the newsletter I just wrote: What Are You Saying?

I finished, printed, and mailed off my revamped White Rabbit Fall! zine called This Is Nobius Black. As the title implies, it's a brief introduction of me to the un-initiated (I hope they're ready) and it also contains a some well rounded examples of my body of poetry work.

Favorite quote from the zine, "I've seen a Superman die and Secret Wars. I know Who Watches the Watchmen and why Morpheus sent his lover to hell. There are Crisis on Infinite Earths, A Doom Patrol Crawling From the Wreckage, and a Justice League in a New Frontier. I witnessed Kraven's Last Hunt and The Dark Knight Return."

Like a comic, I think the next several issues of White Rabbit Fall! will create the overall arc of my mostly auto-biographical Me, In Ten Parts.

Mailed out several small type publications for Connie to review:
Duende by Love Beth Drew
888 by J.D. Nelson
a field of colors by charles lennox
xiii by J.D. Nelson
The Three Burglars (A One Act Play) by Scott Marshall
Photoshop Time (A Play) by Scott Marshall
Dirt Issue #2 from Perestencia*Press/P.R. Primeau, editor
Lara by Jesse Crockett/P.R. Primeau
Works and Plays I: Doomed Love and other stories by Scott Marshall
Over the Transom Issue #16 edited by Jonathan Hayes
Over the Transom Issues #17 edited by Jonathan Hayes

And I have a few more I'm gathering that Felino will be taking a gander at for me.

Editing a chap and a book over the next couple of weeks, both to be released early February by my Calliope Nerve Media. And then I have two more books and another possible chap on the docket for the rest of the winter.

Nice to see Vertigo offering a free downloadable first issue again. I read several issues of Peter Milligan's Human target and loved it. We'll see if the upcoming FOX television series even compares.

Also, got out my interview to Keith Pascal today. Can't wait fro him to get it back so I can run it over at the Interview Series. Gathering up a list of possible future interviewees now.

This blog will be available for Amazon Kindle in just within three days. Been meaning to get that done.

Martial Arts was good today, small class. Just Drake, Steve, Michael, my son Jake, and myself. Got a nice bruise on my right shin from practicing X blocks.

Was good to hear Matt Patrick and Jim Traficant (the greatest Ohio politico ever) on WTAM this weekend. I was a little surprised to hear Patrick at another NE Ohio area Clear Channel station so soon... but hey, all power to him. He's probably the best radio host Akron's seen in fifty years.

Church was cool today too.

Got some more topics to talk about too but my ass is telling me it's time to get away from the computer screen so I'll type at you all later.

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