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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Quickly Now

Until my own Death Metal/Hardcore/Punk band Straight Jacket Sister hits the big time, enjoy this very cool cover of House of the Rising Sun:

And here's a book I'm reading:

Quickly now, I'll give you a few updates and then I got to go.

Just scored another huge project to be published via Calliope with a returning author. Tentative release date is Feb 1st but could be sooner. Also, started planning out our first intended money maker. The Nerve needs a cash infusion in a big way. Don't we all?

Also, working on a BIG BIG interview with a published author and successful martial artist which will appear at the Calliope Nerve Interview Series.

Yesterday, was my first official day as a regular employee at the new place. I'm going to delve into this in the future but I work with a large group of the self employed. Very inspiring to my own work.

Nice piece from Warren Ellis again, this one on Notebook Notes.

Told you'd I'd be quick.

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