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Saturday, January 02, 2010

The First Post of 2010

Most important, Lacey's out of the I.C.U. and back home with us. Poor baby.

As I mentioned, my biggest resolution of this year is to spend my personal time first on increasing my earning potential and on revenue/potential revenue generating projects.

I plan to have a large presence on E-bay this year. Here's a listing I did today. I really like how professional it looks. I'm diversifying the product line a bit as well though the mainstay will still be books, comics, and toys. And time to experiment with BUY IT NOW.

Jake and I enjoyed watching the first collection of the re-vamped He-Man from a few years ago:

Finally saw District 9. Solid science fiction story telling. It's re-telling of Apartheid is very timely and situations from the movie can easily be applied to the quagmire of America's own occupation in Iraq and some the atrocities of both sides in the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

And Michael got all The Preacher and Transmetropolitan trades for Christmas. It's great to have a family member with the same taste in books. More importantly, one who lets you borrow them.

Not much of a post tonight, but unfortunately it's late and I still have things to do. But I do have some more dialogue from my new story, The City, Itself.

"When they come for you. They will come for you all."

She clenched Midas to her chest and into the cold night air she expelled, "I know."
The cloud of her whisper and it's words hung in the night for what seemed eternity.

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