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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apollo's Flock (Draft)

"Thought that I could decipher your message. There's no one here dear. No one at all." --Tori Amos

"I take pills that make everything Orange." --The Invention of The Lie

Apollo's Flock

The Chinese babe
Doesn't have too much hair
Just not enough head.
Least that's what I told
my Coors Light Silver Bullet comrades...
in between Budweisers
That sexy beast's name: Apollo.

[Makes guys "bahhh." Enamored sheep.
Real man I am. A man of men.
Muscles and all.
'round our office,
Just one of the girls.
It's a little embarrassing,
Need bumpers TO WII BOWL.]

She won the war that killed Achilles.
She watched him die through nail holes.
Watched him through her hands.

And to me Apollo's satin spoke,
"You remind me of an old, dear friend."


"Went by the name of God."

This world's lost track of

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