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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bye Bye Kristen/A Time To Destroy

"How could I face another day knowing He's done me wrong... they left me there to die." --Life of Agony

And my last copy of Kristen in Entertainment Weekly is gone. It's like... losing a good friend... or selling one for good money. Which I did by the way. You can buy someone else's Kristen at this handy dandy link:

Lots of ideas in my head again. Time for getting them out. I am runaway mind.

There is a time to create.

And a time to destroy.

Rip it down and build again.

A time to destroy. That's what my moment is and I'm not standing still another second.

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time to destroy and fire up the karma engine once more huh
" "
Karma Engine, I like that Billy.

You my friend have a way with words.
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