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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Dance of Hate And Other Poems

"Every chap is better than the last... Gary gets right to the emotive of any topic. There is no one else in poetry today like him." --Lucindo Anthony (Author: A Disease of Poetry)

Calliope Nerve once again brings you the best from today's Poetry scene. We are honored to distribute Gary Beck's timely chapbook The Dance Of Hate and Other Poems. (Cover art by indie artist Wayne Hogan.) Available in paperback or as a free PDF download.

Calliope Nerve: Poetry is prayer. God is ink.

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Time marooning me
empireless and alone,
my song an inner growl
of discontent and vengeance,
my foes not paper foes
crushable in a careless squeeze,
but carnivores of desire
knelling doom to expectations
lost in the high rafters,
drowned in the mad swim
to the hope of the horizon
where I will be rescued
by the liferaft of destiny.

--Gary Beck (The Dance of Hate And Other Poems)

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