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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Plugs: Solender on Calliope and Paper Cuts

"Nobius Black sounds like a character from an Ian Flemming thriller. It is the very real pseudonym of an underground media scion, writer, publisher and lover of quality writes. His site: Calliope Nerve was kind enough to feature yours truly earlier this week, but I'd dig them just the same if that were not the case.

The real reason to go there this week is to inhale deep and dive headfirst into an amazing collection of poetry from Constance Stadler entitled Paper Cuts. Published by Calliope Nerve Media, this is an important and weighty grouping of lyrical and enchanting musings from a woman who writes from a deeply emotional place. Plato's Cave will leave you wondering about form, substance, love and humanity - all in thirteen lines. Dendrochronology is a moving tribute to a now gone mentor/lover/father/force in the formative life of an admirer. Buy the paperback for $10 bucks or download the PDF for free, but read it you must!" --Michael J. Solender

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