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Friday, September 25, 2009

Mixtape: How I Feel Today Brotherman

"Launch the Polaris. It doesn't scare us... I spread disease like a dog. Discharge my payload." --Megadeth

And another mix tape to match my mood:

Built to Grind Agrophobic Nosebleed

Time Mercyful Fate

Manowar The Poor

Careless Whisper Seether

Stone the Crow Down

Safe Passage Manmade God

My Will Be Done Unearth

A Secret Place Megadeth

Rumours of War High On Fire

The Man In the Suitcase GeeZeR

Stinkfist Tool

Electric Worry Clutch

Bull Weedeater

Loathsome Pig Destroyer

Embedded Job For A Cowboy

Use Somebody Kings of Leon

Rust In Peace/Polaris Megadeth

Fuck Your Enemy Superjoint Ritual

RV Faith No More

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