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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gods Behaving Badly

I bought Marie Phillips gods behaving badly for my wife and I both. But in another one of those Twilight Zone moments, I noticed on the inside cover Ms. Phillips profile speaks to me:

Marie Phillips was born in London in 1976. she studied anthropology at Cambridge University and worked as a researcher at the BBC. More recently she has worked as an independent bookseller white writing Gods Behaving Badly.

There that phrase goes again: independent bookseller.

Also, for my own reference is Courtyard Books (where I purchased the novel) credit policy.

"Bring in your paperbacks and receive a 25% credit toward the price of each of your books. You then purchase our gently used paperbacks at 50% off, plus tax and a $.25 service / restocking fee per book. If you have store credits you pay for your purchase using 1/2 credit and 1/2 cash or check."

Used books, I'm quickly learning it's all about credit.

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