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Friday, December 12, 2008

A World Without Internet

"Seamlessly interweaving German expressionism with neo-noir in an art deco science-fiction landscape. Mister X: Condemned is as retro as it is prophetic." --Dave Marshall

Bluebird is another fine piece from Charles Bukowski. I'll have to repost this over at Muse Thing.

Another inspiring site, I found that makes me think I could do that: Georganna Hancock: Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting Now why aren't I?

Mysteriously, my Internet is on today here at the house. I'm thinking a world without Internet is like a world without sun. :)

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TY for the mention!

Georganna @ A Writer's Edge
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You're quite welcome and best of luck to you. Georganna, you may also enjoy my informal magazine and website Calliope Nerve.
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