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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Places to leave your catalogs/business cards

More reference, as this site is also my work blog:


Places to Leave Your Direct Sales Catalogs

Hair Salons
Tax Preparation Offices
Orthodontist Offices
Insurance Office
Dry Cleaners
Dairy Queen / Baskin Robbins
Bagel Shops
Donut Shops
Nail Salons
Day Care Centers
Retirement Homes
Model New Home Centers
Real Estate Agent Offices
Corner Stores
In Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines
With Your Tip at Restaurants
With Toll Booth Collectors
Grocery Store Clerks
Video Stores
Dressing Rooms
Bank Tellers
Shoe Stores
Kids Resale Shops
Gymboree Centers
Temporary Staff Offices
Flower Shops
Pet Stores
Dance Studios
Grocery Stores Where You Leave Your Ads
Mortgage Offices
Computer Stores
School Administration Offices
Fabric Stores
The Bakery
Print Shops
Cashiers at Dealerships
Tanning Salons
Vitamin Stores
Sales People At Any Store
Senior Activity Centers
Walk In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms
Credit Unions
Supply Stores
Park Benches
Bus Stops
Bowling Alleys
Clerks At The Post Office
Gas Station Attendants
Movie Theater Lobbies
Print Shops
Furniture Stores
Place Where You Pay Your Bills
Cable Offices
Water and Gas Utilities
Any Place Where There Is A Woman Receptionist Or Secretaries
Telephone Answering Service
Apartment Leasing Offices

Kristina Cottrell

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You should get a slingshot and just tag people with them at random.

BTW, waitresses love to get religious tracts in place of money as a tip.
" "
That's a damn good idea. I think I'll attach mine to Chinese throwing stars...that way I'll never miss.

Did I ever mention my car has a glass bottom? You know, so that when I run over someone I can if it was someone I know. :)
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