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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


" is a twisted chaos of language, a delightful drowning." --J.A. Tyler

"An epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything." --Stone Sour

Otep covering Breed, more punk less hard core metal and not much evidence of grunge. Wow!

Eventually, I need to place some adds in Zine World.

Another quote from Sidney Sheldon's fine autobiography: "A writer has an advantage over an actor or director. In order for actors and directors to work, someone has to hire them. But a writer can work anytime anywhere, writing on speculation. There is on important caveat, he has bo have the confidence to believe that someone is going to buy a story."

This weeks project is to post more inventory up at the online bookstore. I'm thinking about changing it's name to Calliope Booksellers or something in that vain. It's time I started considering book selling and the like my career and not the other way around.

Other than Mark S., I haven't heard from any of my APA friends. Time to put out another issue and I have a Calliope magazine ready to go.

And yes, the title of this post means nothing. But it does sound cool and being cool is important. :)

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