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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Business Card Tips

Some good ideas I received in my in-box the other day.


How many places can you find to give out your
business cards this week?

~ When you do a business transaction in town:
doctor, cleaners, store clerk, bank, etc
~ When you are asked to give your address or zip code
~ When you hand money to anyone to pay for a product
or service, add a card
~ In all your outgoing mail and bills
~ Always ask for a card n return :)
~ In FREE LUNCH drawing boxes
~ With every product you sell
~ To every person at your events or parties
~ Put your on magnets and stick to bathroom
stalls and on cars
~ In books you check out of the library
~ Write a note on the back offering them a
discount if they call you
~ On bulletin boards
~ To other business associates

--Kristina Cottrell

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Comments: "
Ninja-like, you can leap out from behind bushes, knock people unconscious, then slip one into their wallet before disappearing behind a cloud of smoke.
" "
That's a damn good idea Grant.

I'll go sharpen my throwing stars now.

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