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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mouthful of Tongues

"Comics will break your heart but T.V. will do it better." --Warren Ellis

"I know you're not feeling so good. Come over to my house. We'll share meds." --Hammy Happenstance

The title of this post has nothing to do with the actual post itself, but it sounds damn good.

Still another movie I can't figure out how I missed. Million Dollar Baby is a heartfelt story of the search and the discipline of finding meaning in our lives and then grabbing it! Well told, well acted, thoughtful, definitely a classic for our times.

Martial arts was great today, with Michael and I splitting the class into two groups since we had a full house including another potential new student. Amazing how getting the old chi flowing makes this old man feel like a kid again. I can feel my body become more relaxed and more flexible as I train.

Church was fun too and I was asked to give a short presentation in a couple of weeks which I will.

On the work front, I can't complain. Still feeling some anxiety about my new position but then again that is why they call it anxiety disorder. I do unfortunately have to change shifts again to 1100 - 1900 which I'm not real wild about but for now I'm happy to just plain have a job.

Will get the APA out by the end of the week (better late than never) and hope nobody sends me a letter bomb or anthrax for their next contribution. Or as Mr. Rogers always says, "Can you say over committed?"

I knew you could.

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Million Dollar Baby was indeed totally awesome. I'm glad nobody spoiled the surprises before I saw it. Crash is also good, but I missed it for years because the reviews made it sound like a boring morality parable instead of a good drama.
" "
Cool, I'll have to check out Crash, haven't seen that one either.
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