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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Freshmen

"...thinks about her now and how he never really wept. He said: 'Can't be held repsponsible... I won't be held responsible,' She was touching her face. 'She fell in love in the first place.'" --The Verve Pipe

Thanks to my brother, looks like I'm going to see Seether next week. I know I've said this a million times but as far as I'm concerned Seether is my kid's Nirvana. They're that good, and diverse. And I really need a little male bonding time away from everything.

The only thing I miss from my pre-children days is concerts. I used to go three or four shows a month. Local, regional, national, bar bands, Tori Amos, Slayer, Kiss, Mary Decker's Fall, Pro-Pain, Ripper Owens, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Cheap Trick... the list goes on and on of bands I've seen. It's why I'm nearly deaf in my left ear. When the kids are older, think I'm going to go deaf in both ears. I'll be ninety years old and in the mosh pit. :)

Well maybe not the pit, that breaks my four feet rule. You know the rule that my personal bubble extends four feet around me. I don't leave it and I really don't like other people to enter it. Another OCD, 'cus I got more issues than Time magazine. But hey, at least I know I'm crazy. :)

On Sunday, I was thinking of the song The Freshmen that tops this post. I couldn't remember the lyrics or who sang it, only the tune. I whistled it all day, imagine my pleasure when the song came on the radio Labor Day. These are the simple pleasures I live and love for.

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Yeah - Satan rulz! Slayer! Slayer! Slayer!
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I ran across your post and you mentioned a band called Mary Deckers Fall, wow. I have to say that I was surprised to see that! I am married to the bass player and I am friends with the rest of the band....Those were the days!!
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Sweet. Those were the days. Tell your husband and their friends their band is not forgotten. Unfortunately my ex stole both my copies of their tape. At least she had good taste in music....
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