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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"Drag the waters some more." --Pantera

So it looks like I start my new position at work in a couple of weeks. It's a lateral move but much better working hours and more room for advancement should I choose to go that route.

With the new hours, I can spend more time on the martial arts (which I need) and even more importantly spend more time with the family. It'll be nice to watch wrestling on Mondays again too. A man has to have priorities.

Am I done with airfreight and true logistics work? Hardly, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm back routing freight at my current company someday but right now that department can't offer me what I need. The bottom line is we all work for ourselves no matter where the paycheck comes from.

This is the book I'm reading:

It's all sensitive with explosions and stuff.

William Dietz is the greatest military sci-fi author of the generation. Drop me a line and I'd be glad to recommend all of his good books. (So you can skip the crap.)

Bonehead is an unconventional punk metal meld from Skid Row, a band that was true hard rock/metal in the age of hair but could never keep themselves together long enough to become a true institute in the genre like Megadeth or Sepultura.

Friday night's Seether show was a blast. A nice mix of tracks mostly from Disclaimer the best music album of this decade in my humble opinion. My only complaint, way too much use of the echo chamber effect.

Not sure who ordered through the Amazon links on my blog but if your reading this I really appreciate it. The money goes towards my daughter's medical bills.

The new Calliope is nearly ready and includes original work from J.D. Nelson, the master of experimental art. Need to get this thing finished because I'm way overdue on putting out the current issue of the APA which this is supposed to be a part of.

Need more time.

2008: the year of missed deadlines.

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Yeah, i'm still here. And so is my 14-month old daughter Zoe. My family takes up a lot of time, and I love it.

I've got some submissions for you because, amazingly, I still find time to write. And I love Calliope. Looks like JD is launching a comeback, too.

Hope you are doing well, man.
" "
Good. My kids are where most of my time goes also.

J.D. has some great pieces in issue 17 of the new magazine coming out soon, and J.D. and I may be working on another project... details soon.

Love live Calliope.

Love live the Nerve.
" "
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