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Thursday, August 14, 2008


" is not a metaphor when researchers refer to an elegant theorem as beautiful." --Alice W. Flaherty

"I just needed to re-align." --Godsmack

Grant Morrison, author of The Filth discusses Magic, Life, and Death.

Sci-Fi Wire reports on some on the inspirations for the current Batman film: The Dark Knight. I enjoyed the movie but need to see it again before I can really formulate an opinion. It's hard to watch that type of movie when I know I have the potential to create something so much better.

Also, the history of Vertigo Comics lands on a coffee table near you.

I'm reading, The Midnight Disease:

A book about the drive to write, Writer's Block, and the Creative Brain by neurologist and author Alice W. Flaherty.

When I was a salesman I developed a thing for business cards. I still collect them--cards from people I've both met and haven't. Some cards are like an autobiography (another love of mine). Others are just fascinating.

I recently enjoyed Calliope Nerve's own Christine Stoddard's card where she describes herself as a Freelance Writer & Interdisciplinary Artist.

I picked up one recently left on a Circle K counter from a local butcher/meat cutter. Some of the details include: Custom Processing, Deer Processing, Home Smoked Meats, Freezer Meats, BBQ Pigs, Steaks. Not sure what all of that is and I'm not a big meat eater but having been an assistant meat cutter (another one of my illustrious career choices) I can respect anyone who butchers especially for a living.

My next martial arts related card will be more like this fine card:

Think it will be a double sided card advertising Calliope Nerve and my media businesses.

Just got word that a complimentary copy of J.D. Nelson's newest chap is winging it's way to me. It's good to be an editor.

If I can get a moment of silence around here, I have a small edition of APA Centauri to get out, my updated resume, and the latest issue of Calliope.

The online business is doing well. Expansion plans are underway to get myself out of this jam I'm in. (A used refrigerator is about the only problem I have solved since moving in.)

I'm finding my nitch. Like the book above, many of these comic shop exclusives have sold well and at high margins. It only recently dawned on me, that a lot of people don't live near a comic shop. And yes, Playboys still sell well. They are my fastest turning/highest profit item. Fits a man's insatiable need for porn and collecting. Can't beat that. Ha! If only I had figured that out ten years ago.

Right now I'm just re-aligning, drinking a Coors Light, and deep breathing. Things are looking up, I just don't know it yet.

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