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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Future Is Almost Now

The Future is almost now: the digital delivery of comics is a thriving ninety million dollar industry in Japan alone last year. Cell phones and manga... Whodda thunk it?

It's true. Because I'm that much of a freak I saw the Star Wars animated movie last weekend at the theater. Here's ten things to look for while watching the film. And though the movie leaves much to be desired, it was still fun to have some bonding time with Jake. For a seven year old, the movie was a masterpiece. :)

Watched Star Trek: Nemesis again this weekend. If I'd produced this film I'd of re-cut it and re-written much of it before release (I'm a picky S.O.B. aren't I?) but I enjoy a number of the story elements especially the concept of Shinzon and the Remans. The story is a fascinating tale of duality much like the better parts of the Star Wars saga yet very original for Hollywood.

What a shame I saw a book at the library and it appears that Data was brought back to life shortly after the film. Can't a franchise character ever stay dead? The only character than should never die is Stefano DiMera. But I'd never watch a show like that.

Well almost never. :)

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I thought the Star Wars universe permanently whacked Chewbacca. That was braver than I thought they'd be.
" "
Chewbacca did get whacked but he's the only major character (if you can call him that) from the saga to die.

The rest that have died are expanded universe characters like Luke's wife Mara and Han and Leia's son Anakin.
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