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Monday, August 04, 2008

ECW press

In my pursuit of finding unique publishers I ran across this one: ECW Press.

Joey Comeau sums it up:

"ECW is a neat publisher. They put out books on wrestlers and episode guides to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which are the sort of books that pay the bills, I imagine, but which they also seem to genuinely love. I respect that. And then they publish books of poetry devoted to the work of Werner Herzog! And Novels about the Carter family fighting vampire perfumers for the soul of Jimmy Rogers. So, I think they are good people."

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ECW? Extreme Championship Wrestling?
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Though I need to dig a little deeper into their site, it does appear that ECW is in fact what inspired them.

I love ECW. Or at least, ECW before the WWE got hold of it.

I find their site interesting because of the range of books the publish. Personally, I was thinking of publishing porn to pay the bills for my vanity projects.

I mean everyone loves porn.

Even Mohammed.
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By the way I believe ECW means Extreme Culture Writing. And yes, they have a book about the tragic murders and death of ECW/WWE Superstar Chris Benoit.
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