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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brain Envy


"The rain, it only pours around here." --Warren Ellis

Finally got a copy of Rebel Bookseller. Thanks Mom! (Despite my manly image, I'm a bit of a Mamma's boy.) Knocked off the first eighty pages before bed last night. Good stuff.

Though we still have no gas, all else is well. Did yard work, hung out with family, watched Stop Loss and an episode of Burn Notice, read, and drank beer yesterday. The mail also brought be a nice flyer package from Calliope Nerve contributor Christine Stoddard.

Today's plans include church, teaching martial arts class, more reading, yard work, and beer. All in all a good weekend.

This week I plan to finish up the next issue of Calliope Nerve so I can begin work on the blog and website. And I'm going to see if any local bookstores are hiring part time.

Found this on-line:

"I love the friends I have gathered together here on this thin raft." -- Jim Morrison which I think I'll use as the opening to my next per-zine.

And my daughter Marinda believes I know the words to every song ever, even the sucky ones. :) Another one of my useless talents. But I have to admit, I love Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy! because sometimes, damn it, I need to feel like a Mental Giant.

Giving others brain envy raises self esteem. It's true. It's in the Bible and Weekly World News: all the news that's fit to print.

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