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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday?

"He wants his money. He’s a pretty practical poet." --Samuel Delaney

Today, I'm thirty six. Yay for me, I made it through another year. And that's really all I have to say. No plans to celebrate this year as I'm in a mood.


On the bright side, we're finally living in the new house but we still have no natural gas and I can't find the leaks the gas company claims I have.

I fell down the stairs and broke our basement dehumidifier. Leave it to me, to fall down a flight of stairs without a scratch but to take out an expensive piece of equipment.


What I really want for my birthday is a hot shower and a cold beer but neither is in the cards.

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Maybe your gas company is bluffing like mine was. The last time I owned a house they said I was too far from the main gas line so I had to pay them to come dig up the line and inspect it (annually) before they would allow me to have gas. After much consideration, I ignored them and paid the deposit to turn it on, letting them assume I was having the line inspected by someone else. I never heard from them again except for the monthly bills.

Happy birthday in the name of Satan anyway. Remember, booze takes precedent over feeding your family on personal holidays.
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Yea, I'll be drinking plenty of booze this weekend.

I can't get them to turn the gas on at all unfortunately. I'm sure will have it fixed soon it just sucks waiting until it is.
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