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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black Clouds Follow

I planned to blog about moving and about how well some odd things I've found sell like Free Comic Book Day books.

I planned to tell you about two new blogs I plan on launching before year's end and how I enjoy being more self reliant economically and making my own future.

I still plan to talk about these things but instead I get to talk about how the gas company won't turn on my gas because they say I have two leaks. It'll only cost $1500-$2000 to fix. So, now I have to find $2000.00 and probably find an attorney to see if I can go back on the seller. (If it's even worth it.)

Everywhere I go, the black cloud follows. I try not to let it get me down but sometimes...........

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Comments: "
By this point in my life I planned to be fluent in Japanese and hip-deep in bunny. Instead I'm not studying as I recover from being in the hands of the medical communtity as I try to figure how I'm going to cut enough out of my budget to pay them for the last month of torture. I'll trade my hospital bills for your gas bill if you like, and even throw in the cap code from a bottle of diet Dr. Pepper I drank.

Maybe you can do without gas. As long as you have A/C and a computer, all is well.
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