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Monday, June 30, 2008


"So many pieces to arrange just so, so much bad news on its way, I started to apologize to the characters. Then I started grinding them into dust." --Matt Fraction

Pearl Jam's I Am Mine is the song on the brain tonight.

We're supposed to close on the house tomorrow. Cross you fingers. The seller is getting agitated and I can't blame him.

It's nice to come home and see two more book orders in my in-box. Did I mention lately I love to sell? Probably only a 1000 times already I'm sure.

The only thing I don't sell is MYSELF.

I only own MY MIND.

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Good luck with the closing. That's why I'm glad to live in an apartment. Throughout my life I've been through several closings and I have no idea why they always go wrong. You would think by now that all concerned would have it down to a precise science.
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Thanks Grant. I never in my life would of guessed buying a house is this big of a pain in the ass. Hopefully all will be done today but here it is 1000am and the bank hasn't even called me yet.
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cool song..
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Yea, it's a good one Billy.
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