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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Post Because I Have Time

So, you'd like to survive a nuclear war and thrive? I love Amazon lists. Though the list about Making your existing home green is probably much more useful.

But you never know... :)

And no we still haven't signed on the new house. (How much longer will it take?)

It seems anymore, I can't help but look up the on-line asking price of any book, comic, magazine, coin, collectible, or video game I grab (whether or not it's mine.)

I remember years ago, the guy I bought my comics from told me, once you own a comic store, you still love your comic collection but you won't feel the same about it. I hate to admit it but he's right as I've been selling quite a few comics lately and I love the money much more. My future is beckoning. More later on what I plan on specializing in.

Right now though it's concentrating on getting ready for the move and picking up a second real job for a while to pay for it and more. Where the hell are those money trees planted anyway?

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