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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


"Smashing ideas together and finding a spine, I called it DETOURNEMENT for a reason. It wasn't a title. It was a promise." --Matt Fraction

"I said someone's got to take care of him. I quit school. That's what I did. --Tracy Chapman

Ideas are popping for my first collection of poetry. Right now I'm pressed for time but trust me, the book will come to be.

Most of my republished work in it will not survive it's current state. Things will mutate, change, become more. Stanzas will be cut, phrases added, I will slay my own works. Creation to be born. Flourishing minimalism, new vibes never seen before.

One Nite Pig is more than words, it's a feeling. The story of the world.
I have to prove myself as a writer. And my epitome will have name. A pinnacle. Until then, the book will not be released.

First I need to get moved and earn extra cash to pay for it all. Should get the keys to the house tomorrow.

Tracy Chapman's Fast Car is the song of the day spinning on my head-radio.

I purchased dhalgren simply on the basis of the forward called Recombinant City written by William Gibson which ends with Bill's telling line Remember me to them.

The book is mysterious and powerful. Energy surges through the pages. I love science fiction that reads like poetry though I'm not yet certain that the book is sci-fi. It may be something beyond class, category, and segment.

One recent passage I read, reminds me of Ian Banks or even my best work:

"A fire escape, above a street lamp pulsing slow as a failing heart, looked liked charred sticks, some still aglow."

Or this: "Caged in blades, his gnarled hand was silhouetted with river glitter stretching between the bridge struts."

And my favorite passage thus far: "In the long country, cut with rain, somehow there is nowhere to begin."

Samuel Delaney makes even the simplest of descriptions drip with muse. Words that I can taste and breathe.

I'm thinking I will get a degree in literature or library science. Perhaps both. Stay tuned for more on that soon. The future speaks again.

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