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Sunday, June 29, 2008

More to Add to my TO DO LIST

"...Angel without pain." --From an ancient Japanese tale.

As a continuance to the post about the chain bookstore visit, after driving all the way out there with my three youngest in tow, the store didn't even have either of the books I wanted. Oddly enough the books are new and in stock (one is discounted) on the chain's website.

I found this post from Christine Stoddard (who has contributed to Calliope Nerve) on Live Journal's $1 Post Paid Zine Community. Archiving it for inspiration for my own personal endeavors:

...Simply Lark Press: On eBay!

Handmade greeting cards. Indie CDs. Vintage clothes and gifts. Artsy bookmarks. DIY duds and jewelry. Quirky notebooks. Adorable ‘zines. Weird novels. Sound like your thing? Then visit Simply Lark Press, an independent media company and boutique at their new store on:

Simply Lark Press not only sells a wide variety of indie, vintage, and DIY merchandise, but also offers many services. SLP writes resumes, publishes books, makes ‘zines, prints digital photography, produces posters from your digital file, designs CD covers, books band gigs, makes personalized greeting cards, edits photos, formats creative writing (novels, plays, etc.), provides fashion advice, and organizes artsy events.

Wow, do they ever sleep?

I've had two record sales weeks for The Calliope Nerve Store. And just received an email that another sale is pending which is very exciting. Truth be told, I like making money.

My brother Michael paid me a nice compliment yesterday when he pointed out that of both my brothers and I, my Internet venture has been the only one thus far that has made money.

Earlier this week, I also met the owner of Then And Now a local thrift store down the road. As I increase my inventory, he's willing to sell items on consignment for me and we'll split the profit. So, I have another avenue for future selling. Many of the items I have are not new enough to be sold on the net.

I joined several local library groups earlier this year with the hope of getting my hot little hands on some good inventory as well as do something good for the community.

Friends of The Barberton Library is having another members only library sale that I can't attend because of my freakin' schedule at work. That's a story all in itself but needless to say I am not pleased. And I just found out one of my co-workers who works nights with me is resigning so I'll be stuck on this crap shift for who knows how long if I stay there. However, rather than getting upset, I'm using this as an opportunity to motivate me to get my sh*t together and work on my own entrepreneurial pursuits. From here on out, I take care of me and mine first.

Some more motivation for me, from Red Fez. This came from a gentleman named David Sparenburg:

You are cordially invited and can always write to me about any of this, as well as about PATH FINDING EDITING and RESEARCH SERVICES and book reviews via the online service BOOK WORDS.

And I'm thinking I need an Art Director for my Calliope publishing ventures. More to add to my TO DO LIST.

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