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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Diamonds Among The Turds

"How in the world could it come to this? Couldn't you see that you'd gone too far?" --Winger

Anyone who knows me, knows Nobius is metal. Like bread and butter, we go together. I'm the better looking half. Me and my good hair.

Or something.

Or something else.

Definitely it's the hair. Good hair is the most important quality in a person you know.

Do I have a point?

Oh yea... Hair bands aren't metal in the least. (There goes that hair fetish again.) If they're your thing, that's cool. Don't take offense, to each their own. I'm a Sepultura, Pro-Pain, and Melvins kind of dude. I like it screaming between the eyes, fists like hammers fillin' the sky, and a few bodily injuries for good measure. (Just like Christmas at Grandma's. Now those were the days!)

Spandex is for super heroes.

However amongst all the turds of the late eighties and pre-grunge nineties there are gems. I really like this song from Winger. (Never thought I'd say that.) Only when I sing my daily set in the shower, the song is punk. (Now if only I had Tommy Lee on drums.) Just ask the howling dog next door.

But that my friends is a story for another day. Check out the video for Madalaine (I prefer it blind folded) while I check out another Bud Light.

It is Father's Day after all.

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